One Stop Shopping

West Elm look

I was recently reintroduced to one of my all time favorite reality shows, Million Dollar Decorators (thanks Mara!).  I was having some DVR malfunctions and just completely didn't realize so many of my shows had started up again.  Can you imagine?! … [Read more...]

BonBon Deal of the Day: Baking Time


If your family is anything like mine, you live for your annual holiday cookies bake fest! Every year my mama, sister and I throw on our aprons, fire up our Kitchenaid mixers and do some some serious baking! Or maybe you're like Meg, and you host a … [Read more...]

All About the Chaise


Ok, so I may not have won the lottery or my dream room from ABC Home.  Womp, Womp.  But I did spy this West Elm chaise that isn't too far off my dream look and in a price range that makes me smile. Starting at $679, it might require a bit of saving, … [Read more...]

Boom Boom Pow

Soooo many thanks go out to my fellow blogger Kristin! Lately I've been in the weeds. For those of you who never worked in a restaurant that's lingo for "up to my eyeballs in work, house guests, projects, and so far behind it would take a bull dozer, … [Read more...]

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