Easy Ways to Make Valentine’s Day Special

Easy Valentine's Day

Ok here's the deal. For most of the US its gonna get real cold this weekend. I believe even Kristin might see temperatures in Florida that dip down into the (gasp!) 50's. I know, I know, hard to empathize when the rest of us are hitting single digits … [Read more...]

For Him: Easy Valentine’s Day Surprise

Easy Valentine's Day Surprise for Him

As I've gotten older I've really grown to love Valentine's Day. It's a holiday that, for me, never had the pressure of New Year's Eve. Rather, I like to focus the day more on showing little signs of appreciation for my husband, friends and family … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Candy Bar

Valentine's Day Candy Display

Just about everyone loves a fun candy and sweets spread , and Valentine's Day is no exception. Since I'm trying to get back into the fitness game, this small display, which serves as our mini Valentine's Day candy bar, is just enough to let the boys … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Decorating Party


Hello to all you fabulous Bon Bon Rose readers! It's Jackie from Jackie Fogartie Events and I’m back with a post that’s dripping with pink, red and sprinkles - a Valentines Day cookie and cupcake decorating party for kids! If your kids are stir-crazy … [Read more...]

Valentines Made Easy


You may remember me mentioning that the hubs and I don't make a big to do out of Valentine's Day for each other. We usually enjoy a nice evening at home that, more often than not, involves a bottle of wine and a flick or DVR fest. It's a rare … [Read more...]

Fun Valentine’s Day Photos

Valentine's Day Photos

Happy Valentine's Day from Jake! Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to take some silly, cheesy photos and you know I can't resist a good photo shoot. Last year I got these great photos of Jake when he was one and turned them into postcards for the … [Read more...]

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