Monday Mingle: Pink Crush


So, this weekend my sister and brother in law generously swept the kiddos off to Disney. The hubs and I should have used that time to get organized and put away our holiday decorations. Do you think that's what we did? Nope! We decided to play hooky … [Read more...]

A New Outfit for My New Body


I haven't really talked about this over here on la blog, but I've been majorly struggling with my post baby weight loss. It turns out that I have a thyroid issue which has prevented the pounds from coming off, as well as caused some other … [Read more...]

Hearts Aren’t Just for Valentine’s Day


So, for the past month, our house has been home to several gnarly bugs. Thankfully, we all seem to be better now, so I guess that means I should start making an effort with my appearance again. Haha! Even a fashion lover finds it hard to put together … [Read more...]

BonBon Deal of the Day: Delicious Druzy

peony raw druzy ring

So, Valentine's Day is coming up. While the hubs and I like to acknowledge the love that we share, we don't typically do it with big heart day plans. The past few years we've simply stayed in, rented a flick and shared a bottle o' vino after the dude … [Read more...]

BonBon Deal of the Day: Pink Lady

gap leather tassel clutch

Pink will forever be one of my favorite colors, so you KNOW I'm loving this adorable Gap clutch. Now that Christmas is over, this holiday obsessed gal has her eye on Valentine's Day. My mama and I took the afternoon off yesterday to do a little … [Read more...]

Color Crush: Pink


Hi! It's Jessica from Bedknobs & Baubles and I'm thrilled to fill in for Kristin while she's out with her little girl. Let's celebrate the newest addition to the Bon Bon Girls family with a color crush on pink! Congrats, Kristin! 1. Bubble … [Read more...]

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