Easter Candy Bird’s Nest

Easter Candy Birds Nest

I love those little things that make a holiday fun, yet don't take up gobs of time trying to make it just the most perfect thing ever. This is one of those things. I had no idea when I made this little bird's nest just how excited Jake would be about … [Read more...]

DIY Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Anyone out there with ugly wallpaper or folks who have laboriously struggled to get rid of old 80's borders, prepare to hate me. My wallpaper came down in less than an hour. I'm not kidding and I feel obligated to start off by saying that is not at … [Read more...]

Spring Workout Clothing Refresh

Sweatty Betty

For many of us, this has been a LONG Winter! I've realized that through all the snow, I wasn't nearly as active as I like to be throughout January and February either. I guess all those sub-zero temps really do make you want to watch movies on the … [Read more...]

DIY Terrarium Centerpieces


These DIY Terrarium Centerpieces were one of my most adventurous DIYs to date. Not because the project was the most complicated, but because it was for one of my closest friend's pretty large and fancy wedding. Once I verbally committed, I remember … [Read more...]

Finding Your Kleenex Style

Kleenex Style

Having Kleenex handy throughout the house is a must for us. With a toddler running wild, they get used daily on runny noses, quick spills or simply to wipe up my tears when he says something sweet. Rather than decorating around this must have, why … [Read more...]

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