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It's been nearly a month since we've moved in and I've failed you at really showing pictures of the new house. Between a traveling hubby, work, colds and family who got the shingles (yes, I said shingles!) while visiting our house, it has felt a bit … [Read more...]

BonBon Deal of the Day: The Container Store

the container store document box

So, The Container Store is opening up by my house soon and this girl is pumped! I'm forever thinking about the ways I could organize my house better, but not much has happened since my nesting phase when I was preggers with the lil' lady bean. I'm … [Read more...]

BonBon Deal of the Day: Tory Burch Monogram


My partner in crime had a birthday over the weekend and like a bad bestie, I haven't bought her gift yet. We've been known to give each other our birthday presents like months later. That's why were besties. We're two peas in a pod. She knocked it … [Read more...]

Meg’s Office Windows Finally Get Dressed


That's right.  My poor home office windows have been naked for years and it's about time someone did something about it!  I've mentioned wanting to redo my room (although can you really redo a room that was never done?)  so many times and for some … [Read more...]

Fresh Home Office Inspiration

Fresh Home Office Inspiration

Sorry to do this, but we have to chat about my home office redo yet again.  It's just been on my mind so much lately. And while I haven't made the huge strides I was hoping for, I have at least pulled the trigger on a desk from Joss and Main, as well … [Read more...]

$75 CSN Giveaway


I am so jealous of y'all that have dedicated home office spaces. The hubs has taken over our spare room/office and seeing that he's working full time AND getting his MBA, I suppose that's fair. HAHA! I currently work from our family room/kitchen. It … [Read more...]

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