An Easy, Yet Fun On the Go Look


Seeing as at least one person in our house has been sick for the past month, I haven't been getting very dolled up as of late. I've decided that it would be a good idea to put together a few easy on the go looks that I can grab at the drop of a hat … [Read more...]

BonBon Deal of the Day: Floral Fever

dolce vita felice sandal

As I've prepared for my lil' lady bean to arrive, I've definitely been drawn to overtly feminine things. These gorgeous floral sandals from Nine West are a perfect example of the goodies I've had my eye on. And they're under $50.00! This … [Read more...]

Flowery Inspiration for the Bedroom

Hello dah-lings! Enjoying the Spring weather has gotten me in a flowery kind of mood lately. And this weekend I decided to go for a little nature walk within my own hood and experiment with the camera a bit. It's dawned on me that the poor hubby … [Read more...]

Floral Fusion

Well, it was yet another sleepless night in my casa. Insomnia still has me in a choke hold. Running after the dude after I've been up most of the night is becoming increasingly difficult. That coupled with a non-stop working hubs has made for one … [Read more...]

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