Shabby Chic Home Office

My “home office” is currently in transition mode, so I thought I would share a bit of my journey with you. All the rooms in our homes are otherwise occupied, so there isn’t a dedicated space for my home office…something which I definitely need. So, I decided to take over a corner of our dining room to create a mini office and I’ve settled on a shabby chic home office. We got rid of our large dining room table and picked up a smaller shabby chic style number, so we could use one side of the dining room as well…a dining room. Haha! And one side as a work space.. You can see a glimpse of it over on Instagram. Going along with the shabby chic theme, I also selected a distressed desk and am now on the hunt for accessories for my space.

So, do you have a dedicated home office lovelies? What style did you decorate it in? Do you have any ideas for my shabby chic home office?


  1. says

    Nice decorations. We have that exact deer head in a polished metal finish. Fun! I’m getting ready to start my home office design and I’m trying to figure out what my wife will like to look at and what environment I want to work in. I like the boxes too;-)


    BonBonRoseGirls Reply:

    I’m kind of faux deer head obsessed. Haha!


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