Could you capture your relationship in just three photos?

I found this to be a mighty task. From those silly, “just us” moments to anniversary celebrations to, most recently, our engagement (yes, we have photos!), it’s quite the task to take seven years together and whittle it down to three photos. But that’s just what Helzberg Diamond’s is asking with their “We Just Click” photo contest for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card!

Bill and I first met in the spring of 2006 as undergrads at American University. A modge podge of student government nerds came together to play foursquare and Bill, at over six foot tall, quickly became a stand out. As our friendship developed, unfortunately for him, he became my go-to for guy problems. You remember how it goes, this guy likes me, but I’m actually into this guy. Bill was patient through it all; no matter how often he heard the story.

The following fall, the friendship turned into something more, and we gave “us” a chance. As time wore on, I knew we just clicked. It’s the silly things: He cooks. I bake. It’s the day to day, working together to build a life together. It’s seeing him from across the bar and knowing that we’re in this journey together.

Cait & Bill

Cait & Bill

Cait & Bill

How do you and your significant other click? With just 10 words and three photos, make sure to share your story and enter Helzberg Diamond’s “We Just Click” photo contest. You could be the lucky winner of  a $1,000 gift card towards the new My Diamond Story collection.

Bill & Cait

Good Luck!

~ Cait

Disclosure: We were provided with a sample for this post, but the opinions and thoughts are all our own.


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