How to Wear a Full Skirt

There are some fall 2013 fashion trends that I’m seriously obsessed with and the full skirt is one of them. When it comes to wearing something as overtly feminine as a full skirt, I think it’s fun to add a casual or even edgy element to the look.

Take the faux leather skirt in the first outfit that I’ve styled for instance…The edginess of the material keeps the skirt from being too saccharine, while the bow bedecked flats add just the right amount of sweetness!


It doesn’t get much girlier than a tutu. Pairing one with a simple white tee, pointy toe flats and a glittering statement necklace says “I don’t take my self too seriously and I like to have FUN!”

How would you style a full skirt lovelies? And we’re linking up with I Feel Pretty because a full skirt is the kind of piece that would make me feel pretty!



  1. says

    I am OBSESSED with full skirts right now. I don’t think there could be a better invention for a girl with wide hips and full thighs! Thank you, fashion gods.

    Also, these looks are adorable. I want them both!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    And I love how the proportion can make your waist look tiny!


  2. says

    I love this! There are few pieces I adore more than full skirts, but something about my waistline makes me self conscious in most. These outfits sets look like they’d be quite flattering on though, especially the first!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Send pics if you try it! :)


  3. says

    Nice choices. I’ve always adored full skirts but really pleated skirts are my favorite. The leather one is a beauty!

    blue hue wonderland


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Pleated skirts are pretty too!


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