Window Seats Worthy of Curling Up On

I love a good built-in window seat.  Maybe it’s the total book nerd in me, but they always just look so cozy in magazines and movies.  I have never actually lived anywhere with a window seat and maybe I need to find a way to work that in.  These three are all unique but still have that serene feeling just calling out for a cup of tea and good read.

Love all that molding and detailing!

Aren’t those bold stipes amazing?  And they somehow don’t feel too loud.

I’m totally crushing on this window and chandelier.  How romantic! (Images found here, here and here)

Have any of you ever had a window seat?  Is it as lovely as it seems?



  1. says

    I have always wanted a window seat or little reading nook. Now that I have a little one I want one more desperately. Somewhere she can run and hide with a book and make her mama proud – and where I can hide with a glass of wine and a book when I need my own break.

    Memoirs & Mochas


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