A Summer Date Night Look

So, as I’ve mentioned before, my hubs is an atypical male when it comes to the kind of shoes he likes. He’s not a heels guy and much prefers me in flats because they’re easier to walk in making them practical. What a weirdo. Haha!

Seeing as I’m passionate about fashion, most of the time I dress for me…not him. Sorry darling! I’m not giving up my heels. I will concede, however, that flat sandals ARE ridiculously comfy and I pretty much live in them in the summertime. So, a summer date night look for me is usually quite similar to this outfit. The hubs isn’t so much into maxis, but he can’t have everything. I mean I wear flats for him. Ha!

So, what does your typical summer date night outfit look like lovelies?

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