BonBon Deal of the Day: Jewels for the Home

I’ve featured Brooklyn Thread more than once over the last few years and I keep on doing so, because I truly love the creativity and beauty of their designs.

brooklyn thread gemstone magnets

I’m loving Brooklyn Thread’s latest foray into jewels for the home as much as I do their baubles! How gorgeous are these gemstone magnets? You get a slew of them for under $40.00 and they would certainly look less trashy on my fridge than the current hodge podge of magnets that I have “decorating” it now. Haha!


Disclosure: We were not compensated for this post, I’m just a fan!


  1. says

    How creative!! Last week, Rian and I were at a rock shop (yes, an actual rock shop, haha) and I saw similar rocks (though, honestly, not quite as beautiful in color) and I thought they were so lovely but was like “what would someone do with these?!”. Well, duh. Magnets! Genius!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Right? So smart! And so much better than my random store magnets. Ha!


  2. says

    They are beautiful Kristin, and far better than plastic letters and numbers that we had on the fridge when our children were little !!!! …… far more grown up !!
    ……… I have a bracelet from All Saints which is made from the same slice of gemstone. XXXX


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