BonBon Deal of the Day: Toms

I’ve been coveting Toms wedges for ages now and this might just be the year I pull the trigger on a pair. Both Megan and my sister have some and they rave about how comfortable they are. The only question is…which ones? I’m kinda crushin’ on this printed pair…I think I could make these work with so many pieces that I already have in my closet, making the cost per wear ration totally worth the $69.00 price tag. Just sayin’!

toms wedges

So, do you any of you have Toms wedges? Which color? Help this undecided lady make up her mind!



  1. says

    girl, this pair of toms wedges has been in my nordstrom cart for about a week. i had SORT OF forgotten about them until seeing this post. i want to get them! the trouble is that i want so many of this pair and SO MANY OTHERS! lol. but probably best to buy one pair and make sure they are golden before committing to others!

    p.s. THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Right? I have those, the chambray ones AND the red ones on my radar. Haha!


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