BonBon Deal of the Day: A February Favorite

I think most of us are ready for spring right? February can be a particularly brutal month when it comes to cold temperatures…even here in Florida. We tend to get annoying little cold snaps that damage our crops and make us sick because we’ve become used to warmer weather. Le sigh.

hello love mug

Via Simply Pretty Prints

So, how about we think about the fun we can have with February instead of its potential gnarliness (urban slang anyone?)? Valentine’s Day is one bright spot if not just for the chocolate right? Or in my case…coffee! The hubs knows the way to my heart is through gourmet beans. And since he broke my favorite mug, a new one of those would be right on time too. Haha! What are you looking forward to next month lovelies?



  1. says

    how CUTE is this mug?!? I for one, LOVE, valentines decor and everything about it! i mean a bunch of pink and red?! yes please!



    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    I’m planning a heart day party for the dude and his little friends! So fun!


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