BonBon Deal of the Day: Half Off Designer Collab

Now that the Neiman Marcus and Target collab is on sale, it’s an especially great time to scoop up the Marc Jacobs leather clutch. I scooped up on the gold on the morning that the collection dropped and I’m elated with it. I wore my other gold clutch into the ground, so I know it will get tons of use!

marc jacobs leather pouch

At under $35.00, this pieces is definitely BonBon Deal of the Day worthy!



  1. says

    Was eyeing the dark silver gun metal one but what I REALLY want is the gold and blue sequined top that is now 50% off too. I have NO idea where I would where it but I loves it quite a bit!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Haha! That Tracy Reese top was the other thing I bought!


  2. says

    I was able to get that adorable cream dress for my friend’s little girl at half off! I was elated. So cute.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Awesome! I SO wanted that one…They didn’t have the smallest size at my store. :(


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