Friday I’m In Love

I don’t know about you ladies, but this week has kicked me square in the bottom. Not once, but twice I have shown up somewhere, made it all the way to the cash register, only to realize I’ve left my wallet at home. Le embarrassing!  And that’s just a glimpse into my comedy of errors type of week.

I am SO happy it’s Friday!  I still have one day to get through before the weekend is official, but in my mind I’m sipping a Starbucks pumpkin latte in the Nordy’s shoe department trying on these bad boys. Gorgeous, right?! Let’s just hope that even in my dream I can remember my wallet!  Happy Friday y’all!



  1. says

    Do you know, Megan and Kristin, I think that I’m one of the only women who doesn’t get excited over shoes !!!! I can hear you both taking a sharp intake of breath over here in the UK and you probably wont talk to me again !!!! I love boots, jackets, coats jewellery etc etc but shoes and handbags leave me cold ….. having said that, the ones you have shown are beautiful and in the coming seasons hottest colour ……. there, you see, you’ve converted me !! XXXX


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @Jacqueline, Shhh Jacqueline, the shoe gods might hear you and give you a lifetime of boring dull loafers as punishment! Ha! Don’t worry, I love jewelry, coats and boots too. We can still be friends! :)


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