Happy Sunday lovelies…I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We definitely had a fun one at our casa! I just had to share a shot from the Fisher-Price play date that I hosted courtesy of House Party. I wasn’t compensated for it in any way save for the toy sets they sent for the kiddos to play with, but I wanted to tell you fabulous readers about it because it was such a cool experience! Plus, it’s been too long since we’ve had a dude appearance on la blog!

fisher price imaginext eagle talon castle

We had a gaggle of little ones over for the dude to party with and boy did he have a blast. The toys didn’t hurt either. Haha! He’s pretty much been playing with this Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle non-stop. It’s so cool, in fact, that even mommy and daddy have been having fun with it! Y’all play with your kids’ toys too right? Just checking…



  1. says

    Such a cute photos. My son is all into toys that involve building as well. 2 weeks ago we got the marble track set and he was almost addicted to it and sure enough we were enjoying building tracks than watching a dozen marbles come down.
    This week he got the angry birds the toy set. It is just like the video game except he builds the set by blocks then swings the pigs to break it all down. Much more educational than the game itself. :)


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    My lil’ dude is obsessed with his Angry Birds sets!


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