iPhone 5 Case for Early Birds

Who out there is an early adopter and already playing with the camera on their new iPhone 5? I can’t wait to get one, but sadly no 5 is in hand yet.  I tend to be a little late and actually my iPhone is from a few generations ago.  I don’t even have Siri like all of those cool commercials to help me out when I’m in a jam.  I know, I just don’t know how I survive! What tunes do I possibly dance to on a rainy day?!

For anyone out there who waited in line or pre-ordered I’m oozing with jealousy.  Not just for the phone, but also for this cute Kate Spade case from Nordstrom. I’m a huge fan of Kate Spade cases and they tend to take a decent beating. So, those with 5′s, go forth and accessorize.  Oh and start sending me those rad panoramic pics!



  1. Freeteyme says

    Not an early adapter. I usually go after a little while to make sure the major bugs are found and fixed. I love that Kate spade case though. happy Friday!


  2. says

    This is the perfect case… if I snagged an iPHone 5. :) I’m stuck with the durable otterbox, the skinnier one at least, to protect from my daughter who enjoys tossing it around. ha.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    I probably need to get one of those! The dude isn’t exactly delicate. Haha!


  3. says

    Don’t feel bad, i don’t have siri either, and I’m not too excited about the bigger iPhones. What is wrong with the current size? My hands aren’t that big!
    And there is no way I’m updating to ios6 until they fix the Maps debacle.

    But, I do agree that the Kate Spade cases are adorable.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    I don’t have the Siri either…but for some reason my volume doesn’t work anymore, so I think a 5 is in my future! I didn’t know they were bigger…Weird! : ) K


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