BonBon Deal of the Day: Into the Blue

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So, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m referring to a $23.00 bottle of nail polish as a BonBon Deal of the Day…The truth is, my name is Kristin and I’m a designer polish addict. I know it’s ridiculous. I have several polishes from brands like Essie, Zoya, China Glaze and OPI that I use on the regular, but there is something about a polish by Dior or Chanel that gets me even more excited! Even when I’m trying to budget, a little trip to Neiman Marcus for a new bottle of polish satisfies my shopping craving without breaking the bank!

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I’m loving this gorgeous, saturated Dior Vernis hue known as Blue Label 997. As you might have noticed in the Beso collection that I posted yesterday, I’m all over black & blue for fall and this polish would fit in perfectly with my trend crush!

So, who else falls victim to designer polish every now and again?



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    Turqoise was big for spring so this is very fitting for fall. Like turqoise’s evil twin sister. Haha! I am totally obsessed with designer nail polish. I was so sad when Chanel sold out of their Jade nail polish a few years ago.


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    I haven’t done it in a while, but I used to splurge on it.

    One that got me at least twice was Chanel Vamp. And I was on a college budget at the time, but I was so convinced none of the “close to Chanel’s Vamp” were quite as beautiful.


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    Love this color! Question for you, do you find the expensive polishes last longer? All nail polish chips off my nails after a day, or two if I am super lucky. I’ve never paid a lot of money for a bottle because it seemed a waste. But now I wonder if I paid a little extra for some high quality great color would it stick on my nails longer. Thoughts?? – Katy


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    My Chanel polish usually lasts 5 days for a mani!


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    Bah, I’m so loving the navy nail polish trend! Crazy to even think of fall in these crazy hot temps, but I can’t wait to rock the navy nails come September! And I’ve never indulged in a designer polish, but heck, I can justify a small splurge like that – thanks for the encouragement – the fiance’s going to looooove that, ha! :)
    xoxo J


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