Is it too early to talk swimsuits?

So, as most of you know, I won’t be rockin a teeny bikini this summer due to my lil’ lady bean occupying the majority of my midriff. Truth be told, my teeny bikini days are probably long behind me.

Thank goodness for stylish one pieces! Maillots became one of my very favorite things after the dude was born. Even when I was back in shape, I just felt more comfortable in one piece swimsuits. Frumpy mom suits are a thing of the past y’all! There are so many cute alternatives out there!

LUXE by lisa vogel featherprint maillot

I’m currently in love with this LUXE by Lisa Vogel feather printed number. Isn’t it gorgeous? Who says one pieces can’t be super sexy? So, are you a bikini girl or will you be joining me on the maillot train?



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    One it is never to early. I have been thinking about swimsuit since after Christmas when I stuffed myself and started exercising to get back into shape. Even at my age and two children, I refuse to believe bikini days for me are over. Actually, I just want to wear this super sexy cutout low cut one piece.


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    I’ve always wanted to wear a one piece, but I don’t think my body type suits it…. When I buy a bikini set, I need to get 2 different sizes! Damn proportions! So I guess this wouldn’t work for me either, although I’d LOVE it to!


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