Beach Baby

Hellooooo!  Do I sound chipper or what?!  It may be because I’ve ditched winter and headed to the beach with my family.  It’s my grandfather’s 90th birthday and there are about 18 of us cousins, aunts, kiddos etc. piled into a great beach house in Florida’s Anna Maria island.  I’ve been taking a lot of pictures with my Hipstamatic app, I’m kinda obsessed with it, and here are a few highlights from our first few days.

This is Jake’s first time at the beach and his reaction to the hilarity that ensues each night at the house is somewhat in awe…let’s just say I’ve been crying with laughter each night!

beach baby

The weather has been a but windy, but warm and gorgeous. We almost blew away at the pier yesterday.  Here is my cousin and her children trying their best to pose in the wind.

Beach Baby

And of course I had to pose with Jake at the beach. He loved the white sand and slept peacefully (like a baby, har har) under his umbrella.

And after hours it’s all about the Ping Pong…Tournament that is.  And yeah, we do it up with a bracket and everything.  Sadly, me and my partner “Pedro” lost to an 8 year old and 62 year old.  Clearly we are ping pong rock stars!

Beach Baby

More pictures and memories to come.  Aren’t family vacations the best?!  And I get a visit from Kristin and the Dude later this week. Woo hoo!



  1. says

    love that white sand, it’s so different than the california beach sand that i’m accustomed to. one year we stayed at a friend’s florida beach house for spring break. so fancy, even had an indoor elevator… sigh. good times.
    your grandfather must be so happy!!! what a great time to gather all the family together for fun. love the pics. :) your baby is a cutie.


  2. says

    Have a wonderful time! I don’t know what’s with the wind lately… it seems to be windy everywhere in the U.S. these days. At least it’s warm! Supposed to be almost 60 today and I’m looking forward to it.


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