Valentine’s Day Quick Gifts

Valentine's Day

Ok, so Jake might not have been owning a huge smile for his Valentine’s Day photo shoot yesterday.  What can I say, I think he’s sad that his valentine (aka the lil’ Bean Kristin is working on) isn’t here yet.  Right after the shoot he threw his hands up in despair and hit the bottle pretty hard.  He does love you all immensely though and wishes each of you an awesome Valentine’s Day!

For Floyd and I, Valentine’s Day has always been more about spending time together and giving each other small tokens of love.  Actually that’s not entirely true.  I tend to get showered with flowers and romance and he tends to get small tokens in return.  In my defense, the guy is impossible to shop for!  This year, it’s been a little tough to get out of the house to do any planning or purchasing unseen so here are a few little last minute ideas for any of you in the same boat! And don’t worry. These items are local for most of you so no need to do any shipping!

I love this J. Crew Timex watch.  It’s rugged and cool and J. Crew has a great assortment of bands that you can purchase that also fit it.  Fun!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

These beer mugs from Crate and Barrel are cute and just a little different.  Pair these with his favorite brew, top with a big red bow, and you’ll have yourself one happy Valentine!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Or if all else fails, a special dessert over a glass of wine always gets a happy reception!  I’m working on these chocolate covered strawberries myself!

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

So tell me, what are you doing tonight?  Anything special and romantic, fun drinks with the girls, or just a night in to watch tonight’s Glee Valentine’s episode?

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P.S. And if you have a moment…We’d love your vote today in the Top 25 Fashion & Beauty Moms contest!


  1. says

    What a cutie pie! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!

    The Hubs and I went on a little date this weekend, so tonight is about the kids. We’re making heart shaped pizzas and then making chocolate covered marshmallows and strawberries together for dessert!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @Tiffany, aww that’s so sweet and i love how you take the time for both romantic evening and kiddos!


  2. says

    We opted to ditch the gifts and dinner reservations this year for a new coffee table and takeout…lol! And I wouldn’t have it any other way :) Happy Valentine’s Day! Your baby boy is so cute, even when he’s serious :)


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