Crazy for Chevron

I can appreciate almost every type of decorating style when done well, everything from vintage finds to shabby chic, but when it comes to what I tend to gravitate towards for my own home it’s all about clean lines and modern decor.  I’m doing my best to be open minded and look outside of my norm, but honestly it’s no wonder that I’m like a moth to a flame for just about anything in a chevron pattern.  Here are a few chevron beauties I’m swooning over currently…

I have this West Elm pouf in Sheepskin, would it be so wrong to get a second?!

How cute is this iphone case?!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been tempted by these tumblers in the Target aisle….

Anyone else out there feeling the zig zag love?



  1. says

    Dear Megan,
    Chevrons always remind me of the 60′s….I used to have a dress from Biba that was just like the iphone case !! Although I kept some of my Biba clothes, I didn’t keep the chevron one….Damn !! XXXX


  2. says

    I Looove chevron too…but not hubby:(. I’d love to hang chevron curtains in the bedroom…and I think one day I will, without asking his thought about it.

    Also they have some chevron kitchen towels at Target, they look great, wanted to buy them, but actually they don’t look like they’ll absorb much unfortunately.


  3. says

    I appreciate modern decor and think it is lovely..but tend to go for a more rustic and classic (is that even a mix??) ….I do love those glasses…my bestie is major modern lover..she would DIE for those…a gift might be in order.
    Thanks for sharing.



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