BonBon Deal of the Day: Stack Happy

Thank goodness jewelry stacking remains relevant because I just love piling on the old baubles. Of course, even if it wasn’t “in” I’d still be doing it. That’s how I roll!

asos enamel stackable bangles

This stack of enamel bangles from Asos takes all the guesswork out of stacking arm candy. The stack comes in a delicious array of hues and at just $17.01, it’s an amazing deal! You could wear them all at once or split them up into any color combo that your heart desires. You could add them to a multi-color print dress if you’re feeling bold or pair them with a little white frock for a pop o’ pigment!

So, would you wear them lovelies?

Update: For a fabulous roundup of eye candy, including these babies, check out Copacetic in Carolina!


p.s. Don’t forget that Google Friend Connect stops working with our blog tomorrow! I detailed the other ways you can connect with us in this post!


  1. says

    those are so cute! I’ll never decide which color to buy!

    bummed about the whole GFC thing, That is how I follow EVERYTHING, so i’m really annoyed.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    They all come together in one pack…You don’t have to decide which one to buy! :)


  2. says

    I posted these on my Friday Favorites last week & they’re on my wish list. What’s not to love about pretty hued, chevron bracelets?! They are too cute!!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    You did? Awesome! I’ll link you! : )


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