Sleeping Like a Baby

I’m going to just throw it out there.  This whole motherhood thing is WAY hard.  At two weeks, when Jake was a newborn and I was feeling great, I smugly thought, I am soooo together.  This isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  And then the universe laughed heartily and my beautiful baby started crying.  And crying.  And crying some more.  After trying literally every remedy and bouncing technique I had in me, it turns out that this adorable little guy has a bad case of acid reflux and needed some help from the ol’ doc.

Hopefully, as he begins to feel better over the next few days, I can get back to doing fun projects and blogging about my fave topics, but this morning I am just zapped.  Please don’t think I’m complaining, I love this guy more than life itself.  It’s just amazing the energy such a small baby can take!  It’s true when they say that nothing can prepare you…

And since behind those big ol’ sunnies lie some tired eyes, today I’m day dreaming about diving into a luxe bed like this one (loving this West Elm Chevron pattern!) and emerging a solid 8 hours later.

ps – Is anyone else as excited as I am that Kristin is having a girl?!  Bring on the massive amounts of pink!!



  1. says

    Been there girl! Lucia had such bad reflux that it landed us in the ER when she was just 3 weeks old. It is so scary to be a new mom and not know what the heck is going on. I’ve learned to just trust my instinct. It’s such a cliche but it is so true. Do you find that even in the haze of being exhausted and overwhelmed you’re still so in tune with the baby and can make good decisions? Sometimes I felt great and other days I felt like (feel) like the worst mom ever. But then I see Lucia smile and so happy and I know I must be doing something right. Check out the way this little guy is fast asleep and looking so content and at peace. He is happy and feels safe for sure. And you’re definitely not complaining…you’re just stating the facts. Being a parent is so intense. xx


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @Chessa!, Oh wow, poor Lucia! So happy to hear I’m not alone in the reflux department. Thank goodness it now gets diagnosed! Can you imagine that they used to just tell you it was colic but then you were left watching your baby in pain. Yikes!


  2. Townhouselady says

    We went though severe reflux too. Every time she ate at least half would come up. Not fun for a nursing momma. We had her propped up for sleeping the whole nine. Not fun.

    I could agree more with Chessa either. Just trust your gut and even when you’re bleary instinct will take over. It was also really important for me to learn to reach out for help. It took me literally getting the shakes from exhaustion and my husband getting nervous for me to accept that I needed a little help and a good solid run of sleep, save for the nursing, to get back on track. So if you need a little break here and there it’s nothing to feel guilty about. It’s better for them to have a momma whose batteries are at full bars every now and again.


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    Oh no! My girl had reflux so bad she couldn’t lie down flat to sleep for the first four months, I basically had to hold her upright or eventually we elevated one side of the crib so her head would be up – they sell these nifty blocks for just such things. You could literally hear the gurgling and smell the acid after she ate. She threw up constantly – so much so that I basically threw away most of my clothes from that time. The meds help so much and yes, eventually it all passes. You are correct, nothing can prepare you, hang in there!


  4. says

    As a fellow mom, I feel you. And I felt so so alone those first few weeks. Just want you to know you are not alone. That helped me a lot, knowing there were so many other moms going through the exact same thing! :) And he is super adorable. That’s why they make babies so stinkin’ cute you know. 😉


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    No one tells you about the first 6 weeks where you feel like you’ve been hit in the face with a shovel! My little girl had reflux too, It’s horrible and little things that people take for granted just aren’t possible with a reflux baby. For example Sophie’s gorgeous pram never got used with the carrycot as she would scream if she was laid down flat. I know you probably have looked into this but unsolicited advice: Try not to bounce him too much as this can cause the acid to come out of the stomach, try sleeping him on a wedge to keep his head above his stomach, Gaviscon and ranitidene help loads and I took Sophie to a carainial osteopath which made a massive difference. It does get better promise. He is sooooo cute and looks very content to me!!!


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    Awww, it is tough, isn’t it??? It’s like the sleepless nights come in waves. They start sleeping and you think you’re so lucky and you feel so rested and then they regress and start needing you again all night long. *sigh* My youngest is 19 months old and she thinks it’s fun to wake up and cling to momma all hours of the night. lol But all the sleepless nights are totally worth it. =)


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