New Product Crushes

I’ve made it no secret that I struggle when it comes to makeup. Applying it is just not something I’m naturally good at, so I don’t tend to put as much time into it as I probably should. Thanks to our lovely beauty editor’s tips, I’ve been making more of an effort lately and two products have completely transformed my every day face.

ysl touche eclat

Concealer is a sleep deprived mama’s best friend and I’ve totally fallen in love with YSL’s Touche Eclat! It lightens up my under eye area and makes my raccoon eyes way less noticeable!

bobbi brown long wear cream eye shadow

I give my lids a quick swipe of Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Cream Eye Shadow in Sandy Gold and my bright eyed daytime look is nearly complete. It’s a perfect neutral hue! All I do after that is add a bit of mascara…Maybelline Great Lash to be exact.

So, what products are y’all loving right now?



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    Concealer is a teacher’s best friend! Funny thing, I’ve come back to makeup this year. Even though I get up at 5 every morning, I’m bound and determined to go through the whole “beauty” routine. Go figure.


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    Avon products, of course ;) … but specifically mascara, eyeliner, a li’l powder, strategically-placed concealer for blemishes and lip gloss. Staples I refuse to leave the house without.

    Your post gets me thinkin’… being both an Avon lady and a stage performer, I have plenty o’ makeup application experience… maybe a vlog is in my future?? I have no idea how to do a vlog, of course, but this could be a fun project… Do you have vlog experience? Tips for me?

    Thanks for inspiring some blog creativity!
    xoxo J


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    Oh, I’m dying to try the YSL Touche Eclat. It sounds like something I need after late-study sessions. I typically carry a few lipsticks. My favorite has to Revlon for their colors and the price.


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    I have a problem with dark circles around my eyes and I’ve found that the Kat Von D concealer works the best for me right now since it’s thick and supposed to be used to cover tattoos. I tend to have drier skin though, so I’ve been using the Shiseido benefiance eye cream underneath and it works wonders! I’m also loving the Urban Decay eye shadow primer. Really makes your eye shadow stay put for much longer, and looking fresh!


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