Monday Mingle: Polka Dots

Happy Monday lovelies! I was hoping to have an IRL outfit post for you, but that pesky headache of mine spoiled any photo sesh plans that I had. Le sigh. Inspired by my darling baby doctor, who was rockin’ the Jovovich-Hawk for Target frock that I had totally forgotten was hanging in my closet, I had planned on showing you how I was still working non-maternity pieces into my everyday looks.

polka dots

Since, it looks like I’ll have to to wait until next weekend to capture that outfit, I thought I would still share some polka dots. I’m not over this trend yet. Are y’all?

Don’t forget to link up your Monday Mingle posts over at MomTrends. I just loved seeing how many of you linked up over at Glamamom last week!

monday mingle




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    Feel better darling! I have no excuses, I just didn’t go my homework this week ;) Love that you’re still incorporating non-maternity. If you can, I think that’s a great way to go to avoid having to buy a whole new wardrobe.


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    I love the idea of incorporating polka dots into my winter wardrobe. I use to think they were just for spring/summer but it’s silly if you love something to only wear it for a season or two! From Brooklyn with love ~jen


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    I love the ensemble. Thank you for visiting and commenting. It was so great of you to notice the VERY deliberate detail of belting my scarf. It was a Hello-lujah moment when I first saw that on a blog–and I nabbed the idea straightaway. ciao, D


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