Thanksgiving Ready

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you might remember when I posted about tunics being my go to piece to wear on Thanksgiving. Well, that hasn’t changed this year. Since we’ll be enjoying our holiday in the Appalachian Mountains, I’m thinking that my look will be decidedly casual.

thanksgiving outfit

Full outfit details here.

This Madewell tunic would be Β just perfect for the occasion. If I paired it with stretchy skinnies, simple accessories and comfy boots, I’d be totally mountain ready! So, what are y’all planning on wearing for Thanksgiving? Give me the scoop!



  1. says

    I haven’t given one thought to what I’m going to wear. I still don’t have my house decorated! I do know that once everyone leaves I’ll be lounging on the sofa in leggings & a big oversized flannel shirt having more wine!


  2. says

    That’s a cute outfit. It really depends on what we do…if my in-laws are out of town then it will be very casual at my sister-in-law’s house. So maybe I’ll wear what I blogged about today… if it’s at my in-laws then I may wear a little dress. xoxo


  3. says

    Such a lovely casual look. I prefer to be a more relaxed at Thanksgiving (vs. the Christmas celebrations). This year, I’m going to opt for ankle-length jeans, a pretty sweater and a pair of sequin heels for a little glitz.


  4. Jessica says

    How, exactly, would one wear the napkin ring?


    BonBonRoseGirls Reply:

    HA! That’s so funny. It wasn’t called a napkin ring in Polyvore, so I had no idea when I styled it. I’m going to say you can wear it across multiple fingers as a ring…No? Crickets? Ha



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