Online Savvy Shopping and $250 Giveaway From American Express

It was 11:00am on a hot summer morning.  That day’s flash sale email with its oh so fabulous details blinked across my screen.  I was multitasking at work on another monitor and out of the corner of my eye spied a vintage world map.  Immediately I squealed with delight and after briefly reading the description hit the check out button on my shopping cart with zeal. After all, this would make a great gift for Floyd and he is SO not easy to shop for.  A few days later the map arrived and I am sad to say I was beyond disappointed.  It was much smaller than I’d thought and the frame was pretty cheap looking.  And you guessed it, being a flash sale there were no refunds or exchanges being offered up.  Me and this map, we were stuck with each other.  This was most definitely one of my biggest shopping snafus.

I love my online shopping but mistakes like this are easy to make if we’re not paying attention or shopping smart. That’s why we are participating in the American Express savvy online shopper program.  To help make sure we all stay smart online!  Here are a few tips for online shopping that I try and follow:

1. Take the time to read the fine print! If only I had paid closer attention that day and read the measurements in more detail, or looked harder at the frame quality.  Even knowing that there would be no refund headed my way might have swayed me to make a different decision that was less painful on my wallet.

2. Pay with the same credit card every time and, by all means, do not use a debit card. By using one credit card in particular for all your online shopping, it will be easier to track down how you paid if something should, sadly, go amiss with the retailer.  And making sure that it’s not your debit card will help make sure you can get a full credit back when disputing charges without affecting the much-needed-bill-paying cash in your bank account!

3. Get rewarded. Use a credit card that offers up rewards whether it’s travel points, cash back or some other incentive.  After all, you work hard for those splurges, why not make sure they work for you in return?!  We use and love our American Express Membership Rewards for this exact reason!

Now it’s your turn.  Have an online shopping mistake or horror story to share?  Dish it up in a comment and enter to win the Online Savvy Shopping giveaway!

American Express

Giveaway: One lucky BonBon Rose Girls reader will win $250 in gift cards or merchandise through Membership Rewards partners.  To enter, simply submit a comment telling us your own biggest online shopping mistake.  Entries will close November 15, 2011, Midnight EST.

Prize: Winner may choose from Saks Fifth Avenue,, Neiman Marcus gift cards (denominations: $50, $100, $250) and the following merchandise: North Face Denali Jacket (Retail $165), Michael Kors Hamilton Medium Messenger Bag (Retail $248.00), Dooney and Bourke Dillen II Satchel (Retail $248.00), and TUMI Ducati Tank Medium Backpack (Retail $245.00).

Discosure: We were compensated for this post.  However all opinions expressed are our own.



  1. sarah b. says

    this was more stupidity rather than making a less than savvy shopping move, but recently i accidentally ordered everything in my sephora shopping cart (you know, that i more or less use as a wish list). thankfully almost everything was returnable – but still – i was horrified at the total amount! although i am embarrassed to admit i wound up keeping most of it ;)


  2. says

    I have been luck enough to never have any REALLY bad online shopping mistakes…I dod however buy a sheepskin rug once from a shop that apparently didn’t exist…I got my $$ back b/c I used my amex :)


  3. says

    When I was in high school, my brothers & I bid on a wakeboard on ebay for 1/2 the price that we were looking at them in stores! We won it – 3 weeks later it arrived … only it was half the size of what it should have been. We still insisted on trying it out, but only my middle brother could actually get up on it. Fortunately, Santa brought us a real one later for Christmas, but it was a sad summer with the unusable baby wakeboard.


  4. says

    My biggest and latest online shopping blunder – not doing my due diligence to shop around and double check prices and shipping policies from different retailers. I was trying something new for me, shopping and purchasing from a boutique hosted on Facebook and ended up getting the same product for $25 more than another retailer was offering, and worse – having to pay $9 for shipping. Who doesn’t have free shipping these days, especially over certain amount spends. Then the product, boots, were too small. Of course I had to pay shipping to return and then found out I couldn’t get my money back, that it was exchange or store credit only. So had to repay shipping AGAIN to get a new size.

    After paying a small fortune in shipping and already more for the product than found elsewhere, I have learned to shop around and do a better job of research store policies before ordering.

    Meggy from Chasing Davies


  5. says

    Oyy…that STINKS!!! But on the plus side this is an awesome giveaway!
    My biggest shopping mistake was probably when I had to return something THREE times because the size was wrong…in the end I just left it but I had to pay return shipping every time so it actually cost me money (I don’t usually send stuff back if it has return shipping charges but there was nothing else i could do :/)


  6. says

    Living in a different time zone has its own advantage!:D
    I made a gaffe while shopping online when I edited the cart *just before making the payment* and didn’t notice that the billed amount remained the same. I paid for the whole thing and didn’t even give it a thought. I wouldn’t have realised my mistake had it not been for the customer care of the site! They mailed me to ask me why did I pay more ….lol! Then, I logged in to check and saw that the bill was not modified when I edited the cart.It took me quite some time and loadsss of mail to get a refund. They just gave me a voucher which I could use when I shopped next.


  7. says

    wowzahhh what a great giveaway! one of my biggest online shopping mistakes was back in high school..waiting to buy a prom dress online! i ended up getting a yellow dress in the mail that did NOT look great on. needless to say i had to book it to the mall to find something else. i would LOVE a zappos card and that dooney and bourke dillen II satchel :) xo


  8. says

    I once bought same rare game beef jerky off a website online. After a few weeks I still didn’t have the package, but when it finally came, I was missing an item. I went back to the website but realized there was no phone number for the company only an email. After 4 days I still hadn’t heard back from them. To make a long story short, it took me 2 more days to get a phone number to the website I had ordered from. I eventually got the phone number by sifting through many google searches and found the original distributors phone number. I’m much more careful now.


  9. Karlene says

    My biggest shopping mistake was spending over $100 & not looking for any promotional codes. Once I figured out that I could do that, those bucks hurt like hell.

    xyoulovekarlene at gmail dot com


  10. LeAnna says

    I so know how this goes. Those daily deal sites are tricky! I once bought several cloth diapers, and the daily deal site completely messed up my order and swapped mine with another customers order. When it was all said and done, I had to ship it back and I never got what I ordered. PLUS, they only gave me a site credit. Boo.


  11. says

    I bought what I thought was a good print of a famous painting off of ebay, and I spent a pretty penny on it. I had many conversations with the seller regarding the size and authenticity, so I went ahead trusting that i knew what I was buying. Turns out, it was the size of a piece of paper, and it was hand drawn, and yes, was definitely fake. I think a bunch of other people probably also got scammed by this seller, but never again will I buy art online!


  12. Mami2jcn says

    My biggest online shopping mistake was using my debit card to make a Paypal purchase. My Paypal account was hacked into and someone raided my checking account. You should always use a credit card instead of a debit card for online purchases. Checking accounts aren’t protected. I learned that lesson the hard way.


  13. says

    You can imagine that as a very active online shopper I’ve had my fair share of “snafus” to put it mildly. Like the time I ordered a few sizes so I can see which one fit best and then learned I couldn’t return the others or the time that I entered the wrong code and didn’t get the discount but ended up stuck with the merchandise anyway….or like you when the thing looked amazing on my computer but less so in person. Try selling it on ebay? oh well….I’ve learned my lesson. As a reward for learning it though I’d love to win this gift certificate! :) xx


  14. says

    I’m lucky enough that I haven’t made any huge online shopping mistakes. About the only bad one is when I was looking for something on Amazon and somehow actually managed to order it – and had it sent to an apartment I no longer lived at. So frustrating!


  15. Elizabeth says

    I once bought this “gorgeous” rug online and when it came in it was NOT what I wanted at all…too bad I didn’t know that until my husband had already unrolled it, laid it out on the floor, and been walking on it all weekend, before i got home to see it…oh well. I changed my drapes and it works, ok.


  16. says

    I bought a few things from a store highly recommended by a friend without reading the return policy fine print. Items had to be returned within 14 days of date of purchase, NOT from shipping date or when they arrived at my house. When I didn’t like a couple of the things, I was torn between keeping them or having half of my return eaten up in expedited shipping :(


  17. says

    I remember buying my husband and I bluetooth headsets off of Ebay. The price I thought was so right and they looked like the ones I would pay an arm and leg for at a mobile store. Those things were so cheap looking when I got them, and after using them for a few weeks both of them died on us. Definitely wary now of the price that is too good to be true!


  18. says

    My biggest blunder was not checking the size guide on a clothing website. This is a BIG deal. All sizes are NOT created equal!! I purchased two tanks too big and another top too small. They were all on sale, so sending them back was not really an option. Live and learn!


  19. Evelyn S says

    I’ve been lucky to not make too many big online shopping mistakes. The most common mistake though that I make is placing an order without entering a coupon that I have. Little mistakes like that add up & it’s so frustrating when I realize it.


  20. says

    I just accidentally ordered to very expensive pan sets from williams sonoma and called them immediately as soon as i noticed the mistake but it didn’t get cancelled in time so my bank account was hit hard and i was flat broke for two weeks until my next payday and the return went through… ugh!


  21. says

    I haven’t made any online shopping mistakes that I can think of – I’m very careful when it comes to online shopping. I do a ton of research (googling) a product if it’s not one I’m familiar with. But I have saved my husband from many online scams, including too-good-to-be-true used car ads. He wanted to purchase a fairly new model car from Autotrader at a price way under market from a seller who required a money order before delivery. SKETCHY? Yes. I warned him that it sounded fishy EVEN if the VIN number checked out. Upon some research, I found that there are scam artists who will take VIN numbers from cars (easy to do since it’s on the dash) and post them on sites!!!! Saved us from losing thousands of dollars.


  22. says

    I was trying to be cheap and purchase a text book online, which was half the normal price at least. However, it didn’t come until a month of the class had already gone by. Forcing me to purchase another one and end up with two! Now I know not to purchase from individual sellers “whose husbands forgot to send it out”!


  23. Debsy says

    I bought a jacket on EBAY that was supposedly a size small from one of my favorite stores. I wasn’t home when the package arrived and my husband knew I was excited to received it so he took the tags off and washed it for me so it would be ready to wear. When I got home and tried the jacket on it was humongous! The “linen” material was white denim and a close examination of the tag quickly identified it as a fake. Lesson learned: Don’t buy clothes on EBAY.


  24. Sally says

    I think my biggest mistake was not returning an item in the allowed time so I was stuck with something that did not fit! Ugh!
    Great giveaway and love your blog!


  25. says

    What a great giveaway!! Let’s see… I’d have to say my biggest mistake was an ebay purchase. It was years ago when ebay was brand new to me and I saw the entire season of Friends for only $100!! I was ecstatic and clicked “buy now” right away. A week or so later, I got the crappiest burned copies of those DVDs in the mail. =(


  26. says

    This is so true—the measurements get me everytime! One time I had it stuck in my head that I was going to get a throw from my university. I scoured the internet and finally found one on Ebay. I was so happy when I won the auction— but when it came in the mail, it was a small wall hanging, not a throw. So disapointed. Love this giveaway!! :) xoxo


  27. says

    Great Advice!!!

    My biggest mistake is probably using my debit card. I’ve had my account compromised in the past and I’m pretty certain it was due to me using my debit card for online shopping.


  28. says

    I had a very similar situation where I just didn’t read the details. I ordered a sweatshirt on Etsy that appeared to be a cotton hoodie that had really adorable buttons instead of a zip up. When it arrived I was really sad to see it was faux buttons (no zip at all- pull over) and it was made of polyester. So not what I expected and I was bummed that it was a pullover.

    Lesson learned though, now I read all of the description and fine print!


  29. says

    The biggest online shopping mistakes I make is fit more often than not. Whenever I try a new brand it can be hard to figure out what size I really am with them. The other online mistake is buying it without seeing if there is something similar out there for less expensive price…I have done that once or twice! LOL


  30. E says

    Just recently I purchased what I thought was an iPhone case. I was excited and not paying attention. When it arrived I realized it was an iPod touch case. And it eBay so I’m stuck. It was clearly labeled so the fault is totally mine. Boo.


  31. Betsy Hoff says

    I bought a Nintendo NES from Ebay once and didn’t read the fine print that the machine was NOT in working condition. I thought it was such a great deal too!


  32. Margaret says

    There are certain websites where before you can check out, you are automatically set to pay for another item and you have to consciously OPT-OUT or you will have a pretty large bill at the end. This happened to me when I went to buy a Christmas present, and it was a pretty frustrating experience.


  33. says

    I spent $200 on eBay on some vintage He Man stuff my son desperately wanted…when they came, they reeked of smoke and mustiness…I even bathed them in a lemon oil bath bomb, and they STILL tink!


  34. says

    my biggest mistake was not checking my own measurements against that of a Milly dress I was dying to own and found on ebay. I went by numerical size alone and knowing my size in similiar designers. Yeah no, that didn’t work and I am stuck with a beautiful dress that in no way fits. It’s pretty and I paid so much that I can’t bear to part with it though. In hindsight, I should’ve researched the specific measurements of the brand and taken my own with a tape measure


  35. Bethany says

    Back in the day when online shopping wasn’t as big as it is today; I convinced my mom to buy me a pair of earrings that I found on ebay. She NEVER shopped online and was skeptical of ebay but I convinced her to get them for me anyway! Unfortunately….I never received them and magically that seller somehow disappeared. We never got our money back and my mom never bought me anything off ebay again. But I learned my lesson and now we both know how to shop smart online. Although I do most of her online shopping for her! :)


  36. says

    Wonderful giveaway as always. My only bad experience was a textbook scam. Luckily I got it canceled before my card was charged and I got lucky. They were like a ring of several websites run by the same people- each email was sent to me from a different site! It was so BIZARRE.


  37. Emily Meade says

    Don’t hit the back button or exit out if your computer freezes!

    I did and I ordered the same product twice! Thankfully, I realized when I checked my bank statement online and saw that it had charged my account twice… obviously! So I only got the product one time. But still, dealing with the bank and putting in claims is such a hassle, especially when the customer services puts you on hold and are rather rude. At the bank and from the company! Such a mess. Never again, no thank you.


  38. says

    I once ordered a pair of shoes online and accidentally clicked on the size below mine. I didn’t realize my error until the shoes came in the mail, and SO didn’t fit!! Unfortunately since they were on sale, I couldn’t send it back. : ( and by the time I went to get my size, they were out. Strike 2! Ugh! Lesson learned!


  39. says

    For a while there, I was obsessed with Coach products, and I thought I’d found an awesome deal on a Coach wallet on ebay. The seller stated it was new with tags and a legitimately Coach. I bought it for about 70 bucks, and when it arrived, I thought it looked suspect, but it had “Coach” tags and an authenticity guarantee, so I kept it.

    The following week, my first child was born, and I promptly forgot about the dubious production of the wallet until I got an ebay message from the seller of the wallet saying that it might be fake, and that I should take it to a Coach retailer to determine whether it was faux Coach.

    As I had a newborn and the holiday shopping season was in full swing, it never seemed to be a good time to run to the mall for a fool’s errand. I compared the wallet to those of Coach’s online pictures, and it was obvious that the wallet was a fake, though a pretty darn good one. That is, until it started to fall apart a few weeks later.

    Lesson learned: don’t buy things that are too good to be true, and if you want the real thing, make sure you are buying from an authorized retailer.


  40. Sena S says

    My HUGE mistake was going on a spending spree and then only a week later realizing that I should’ve used Ebates! I signed up but never thought of it until I was reading a blog talking about ebates. Now I don’t forget to check ebates first before buying :)


  41. Cynira C says

    My biggest online shopping mistake was ordering on ebay from a seller who clearly had tons of negative reviews during the holiday season! I was determined to get my god-daughter the barbie dream 3-story dollhouse that was sold out everywhere. However, I thought I was lucky enough to find it for a decent price on ebay. Despite looking at the negative reviews of the seller scamming I decided to test my luck. Sure enough I was scammed too and never received the dollhouse. It took me $200 to learn that lesson the hard way


  42. says

    Awesome giveaway!!!

    I buy a lot of vintage clothing thru ebay so I’ve learned alot of lessons, the hard way, when buying online. Check your measurements is the biggest one for me. Just because it says Medium that doesn’t mean anything, especially on vintage. Check the clothes measurements against your own!!!


  43. says

    i’d say my biggest online shopping mistake was not being able to figure out my shoe size and having to send back my shoes a bunch to fit my weird feet lol the employees all probably remember my name.


  44. T C says

    My biggest mistake was ordering from a site that didn’t look legit at all during Christmas. I ordered, but never received the merchandise. Fortunately it wasn’t a large purchase, but I did lose the money.


  45. says

    I am lucky that it hasn’t been an issue, but I used to use debit cards for online purchases. Now I know better! I recently got an amex and use it for online purchases. It really makes me feel safer!


  46. MaryBeth says

    My biggest mistake happened when I ordered a picture gift for a friend online (it was a collage of ridiculous pictures of the 2 of us). I learned the hard way that where I live, there was 2 places with the same address (one in the city, mine in the suburbs). It got sent to the city address so some strangers got to enjoy my gift! Luckily, they were able to reship it to my place but it felt kind of weird that some strangers now have a photo collage of mine!


  47. says

    My biggest online shopping “oopsies” was definitely due to my not reading the fine print. I was SO excited to find tickets online for the sold out musical WICKED, and wanted to surprise my mom with a pair of tickets so we could see the musical while I was in town visiting her. Unfortunately, after I received the tickets in the mail, I realized that they were for the weekend BEFORE I would be visiting. I had read the date wrong, and blew almost $200! Luckily, I knew a friend who was willing to take them off my hands, but I was unable to find tickets for the correct weekend so late in the game. Needless to say, I now always triple check the date online and my personal calendar before buying any performance ticket or event admission!


  48. Kala says

    My biggest online shopping mistake involved ordering a non-refundable expensive purse from a daily deal fashion website. The purse looked cute and medium-sized on the site, just what I wanted. But I didn’t check the dimensions and it turned out to be huge! It was way to big (and heavy) for my personal style. I have not worn it and I spent a lot of money on it, so it was definitely a mistake. From the time I received the purse on, I have ALWAYS checked dimensions of items online before ordering :).


  49. Kristi Miller says

    Great giveaway! Like many others, my biggest mistake comes from Ebay. I was bidding for a camera in TEN (overkill much?) auctions. Turns out I won 8 of the same camera. Luckily a few of the sellers let me out of my purchase, but I did have to purchase 3 of them (and I sold 2). Story 2: In college I used to online shop on Friday and Saturday nights when we got home from barhopping… it was always a surprise when UPS showed up the next week! :)


  50. JosieBean says

    Ahh I hate buying online and then realizing I don’t like the item and not being able to return it in store, esp. when you have to pay extra shipping and therefore paid money just to end up with nothing. Sooo lame.


  51. says

    I’m not a huge online shopper (and this might be why) but I’m terrible at choosing the right shipping option. I have the worst luck with stuff not arriving for weeks. I always try to choose the cheapest option but it never seems to work out for me.


  52. says

    Oooh, that’s easy! I ordered a swimsuit from Petit Bateau on sale and the French sizing totally threw me off! It was WAY too tiny! I couldn’t return it either, because it was a clearance item.


  53. says

    My biggest online shopping mistake was getting too wrapped up in a good deal on a flash sale site. I ended up purchasing a very uncomfortable pair of shoes (and not being able to return them), just because I got sucked into the great price rather than being practical.


  54. Dee says

    My biggest online shopping mistake was getting caught up on ebay and bidding on a set of autographed comics. They were for my brother but I kept bidding higher and higher until I eventually won and had to pay a large sum of money…for some lame comics. Ahh. Never returned to ebay again.


  55. mark says

    My biggest online shopping mistake was purchasing a shirt for a friend as a gift. I had it shipped directly to him, and they sent the wrong size and color. I never knew because he hid his disappointment.


  56. Lauren says

    i honestly haven’t had an online horror story. i tend to get books online a lot, so really my blunder is buying something that’s not quite what i expected and feeling like i might have wasted money…and could have gotten something else that was better.


  57. says

    My biggest online shopping goof-up was when I placed a big order and checked out before putting in my 30% off coupon code!! By the time I realized what I had done, my order had already been sent to the shipping department!


  58. says

    My biggest shopping mistake is not something very dramatic, but it is something that over the years has cost me oodles of money. The mistake is buying things, no matter how good the sale is, but never wearing it. Even if lets say it was $10, its $10 too much if you never enjoy it. Over the years, that amount has added up a lot. I’ve ended up giving away so much stuff to charity.
    *kisses* HH


  59. says

    My biggest mistake has been not using ebates for my online shopping this whole time hahaha. But, no, seriously there isn’t an incidence that I can think of so I just wish I had taken advantage of cash back offers!


  60. says

    I bought a lot of craft supplies on ebay (on a whim) that I didn’t need. I bought them because they were cheap and the auction was ending and i was caught up in the moment. I ended up giving most of them away when I moved a couple of months ago. I have learned my lesson!
    Have a fabulous day!


  61. says

    Biggest mistake: setting up accounts while online shopping and not keeping track of passwords. Or even remembering that i set them up at all! Without fail – when I go to set up an account, I will be informed that ther is ALREADY an account linked to that email address, and would I like to have a temporary password sent? Just answer these three security questions…. SUCH a pain in the….


  62. Christy says

    Oh, buying things and then not trying them on until the return deadline has passed. I have more than a couple things hanging in my closet with the tags still on because either I decided too late that I didn’t like them or they didn’t fit right.


  63. says

    Oh there have been so many… oh… wait. This MY online shopping snafu, not my husband’s! ;) His eBay addiction aside, I’ve had a few of my own. Two identical teapots, because I clicked twice and didn’t check the quantity before I hit “submit” was bad, but I hate it when I consult the size chart and the reviews and the item STILL doesn’t fit and I have to pay for shipping both ways. (No, I don’t buy from that vendor anymore. Hem.)


  64. colleen boudreau says

    I bought a pair of shoes off ebay in a size 8, when they arrived they were way too big and that’s when I realized they were in Europe sizing.
    holliister at gmail dot com


  65. Julia Davis says

    I ordered my mother in law a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas and her friend bought her one before Christmas. I ended up keeping it because it was too expenisve to ship back. Oh yeah I already had one.


  66. Kelly says

    My biggest online shopping mistake was this summer when I was trying to buy Double Chocolaty Chunk Rice Krispie Treats but I accidentally ordered plain ones. I could have sworn I ordered the chocolate ones but I ended up having to pay a restocking fee and to top it all off they couldn’t even ship the chocolate ones because it was too hot! Luckily I found them at Dollar General so I don’t have to pay for shipping anymore!!!


  67. says

    Please count me in for this giveaway. I could certainly use some gift cards for holiday shopping. I recently made the mistake of using my debit card while shopping online and was somehow hacked. Someone used my card to make additional purchases of computer software online and let’s just say that it was not fun to sort out. I almost had a panic attack when I saw the balance on my checking account. Luckily my bank was really good about fixing the issue but it was still a hassle. Lesson learned.


  68. says

    I’ve made a few errors shopping online, none HUGE-but one of the worst ones was when I grabbed a deal of the day as well, using my debit card, for a local restaurant. Now the company that processed the payments was in Canada-not such a big deal for credit card companies had I used one of those. Instead my local credit union took it as fraud, and blocked access to my card for 48 hours…ouch! And on a payday too…


  69. Amanda Sakovitz says

    My biggest mistake was buying from an online store and not checking their return policy. I got stuck with an expensive dress that didnt fit. Lesson learned!


  70. says

    I purchased a pair of final sale boots from Modern Vintage and saw them on Gilt a day later (before they even shipped) for less. MV wouldn’t let me cancel the order but instead gave me a credit. Will never EVER buy final sale again. AMEX is amazing btw. We’ve had a few issues with stolen cards and damaged merch and they always supported us to find a solution.


  71. says

    I’m not much of an online shopper. I prefer to shop at the actual store just because I like to make sure that everything is in good condition and that it fits me perfectly. Although there was this one time when I online shopped and I entered the wrong address. I got so worried that my package hasn’t arrived yet. It’s a good thing that they were able to track it down and my package got to me safely. :D



  72. Jenny at Spry On The Wall says

    The biggest mistake you can make is not making sure the site is secure. But never forget to look up codes for discounts etc. I saved over $20 last time I ordered something online with one of those codes!


  73. Oksana says

    My biggest mistake was confusing EU and US sizes, so I got the Dress from US online shop bigger mimimum twice than my original size and even my mom drown in it! What a shame :-)!!!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!



  74. says

    wow awesome giveaway
    my worst online shopping mistake was not reading the shipping costs
    i ended up paying way more in shipping than i did for the item
    i always read everything now


  75. says

    Because I am such an impulse buyer I always seem to get myself in a whole lotta trouble if you know what I mean….on a website that would be kept nameless I decided to order a particular pair of heels from out of the country after WEEKS I finally received them and they were a bit too small in the wrong color. Due to the time change and a week of back and forth with the company they eventually agreed to exchange the item now it’s about a month and a half later when they went in clearance!!!!!! $150 dollars cheaper than what I paid for and the company refused to give me a price adjustment because my purchase was over 30 days old and that’s only because it took them over 30 days to actually get me the correct shoe!!! So bummed never shopping with them or oversees again unless it’s a reputable known company


  76. says

    My horror story took place last month, someone got a hold of my debit card information and bought themselves tickets to Machu Pichu via the internet! I have found out more than I ever wanted to know about fraud and identity theft!!!


  77. says

    what an awesome giveaway!!! i think my biggest online shopping mistake would be the chairs that we just ordered for our dining room! i had read the reviews and they weren’t so great (company sent wrong parts, screws missing, etc.) but didn’t think it would happen to us. when we got the chairs, the holes were drilled all wrong and we couldn’t even put them together. we had to ship them back to the company (that was not fun) and we are still waiting for them to send a replacement. we wanted to have the chairs set up for a party we had last weekend but no go… i just hope the chairs will be OK this time, we shall see!


  78. says

    I am generally pretty savvy when I shop online. I review my order multiple times probably my OCD tendencies. However, I recently purchased my mom a crossbody handbag for her birthday. Based on the picture it looked like a good size but I didn’t review the description. Sadly, the bag was really small & not what my mom really wanted!


  79. says

    I have no idea how it happened but my debit card was compromised during online shopping and it was such a mess! I had to be issued a new card whose pin didn’t want to cooperate. It was 4 weeks before I had a debit card that actually worked again.


  80. says

    I’ve had quite a few, but most recently it would have to be a ZARA shopper bag. I was SO excited to get it only to find out it looked NOTHING like it did online. The shape was awkward, the color was wrong, and the handles was too short to put over my shoulder. The worst part– I completely forgot to return it within 30 days, so now I’m stuck with a bag that I hate and I’m out $100 bucks. :(


  81. Anash says

    A large mistake would be ordering a bedroom set that could not fit in the room comfortably, not being able to ship it back because it wasnt cost effective, and having to sell a few pieces for wayy less! Thanks for this splendid giveaway


  82. Emily says

    Two words: old stamps (or “vintage postage” as I like to refer to them if I am feeling defensive). I spent a not-insignificant amount on money amassing them on ebay, and now I can’t even bear to use them because they’re too pretty. So they sit in a book.


  83. says

    Thankfully I don’t have any major online shopping horror stories to share! But I am guilty of buying clothes impulsively online, and having them delivered only to realize that they are not at all in line with my style. It’s just so easy to click the “buy” button, though!


  84. says

    I once bought a dress online from a shop that went out of business and it took them so long to process everything their “return policy” had expired and I didn’t get all of my money back. Yeah, sucky.


  85. SabbyFair says

    The one big mistake I remember was the 1st time I ordered vintage clothes from eBay. I had No Idea back then that vintage sizes were not the same as now – oh how country bumpkin I was back then! – and nothing fit. I bought like 10 outfits and every single one was a dud. I was so embarrassed I nev tried to return them or sell them. Goodwill got a large donation that week!


  86. says

    Luckily I’ve never really had an online shopping horror story, except maybe spending too much! But that is definitely my fault. I do always hate it when I forget to use my Ebates though. I’ve been known to go back and reorder just to make sure I get the cash back!


  87. kfloveinme says

    Awesome giveaway! My biggest shopping horror was buying almost $300 worth of clothes online and I didn’t look at the return policy! It was a final sale and half of the stuff I ordered were either too small or too big. I ended up giving it away to my cousins. They were some cute stuff too! Now, I ALWAYS look at the return policy for any kind of online related purchases.


  88. says

    I have had some shopping nightmares via ebay but that’s to be expected.

    Ummm, what about buying airline tickets online from an unreputable airline to only have it go under weeks before said trip?


  89. says

    my biggest online mistake was buying clothing from china that i didn’t take the time to check the measurements…i just ordered a medium like usual. too bad for me, it fit more like an XL! to return it to china would have been worth more than the dress :( oh well, to remedy the situation, i might have it fashioned into a coat instead which would still be cute :)


  90. says

    Biggest online shipping mistake would be purchasing something (especially on eBay) without looking at how much the shipping is. A lot of sellers will have the lowest pricing, but then mark up their shipping costs and get you there!


  91. Jessamyn says

    My biggest shopping mistake was buying from a daily product deal website. They have the worst customer service, no returns, substandard packaging. You feel like you’re getting a deal but you really get what you pay for.


  92. Chuck says

    Biggest shopping mistake: letting my online friends (bloggers, tweeters, and other assorted fashionistas) talk/encourage my bad habits (aka love of she’s and clothes)!



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