Infinity Scarf: Kim Kardashian Style

We’re headed to our family’s mountain home for Thanksgiving in a few weeks and the temperature is sure to be decidedly cooler than what we’re experiencing in Tampa. It’s only mildly cool here in the evening and I’ve already busted out my scarves, so you KNOW I’m going to be rockin’ them non-stop when we’re in a place where it’s officially cold!

paula bianco two tone infinity scarf

I wouldn’t mind adding this large and in charge Paula Bianco number that Kim Kardashian is sporting to my ever growing scarf collection! I’m loving the two tones…Thoughts?



  1. says

    you had me at large and in charge.


    we just used a catering company for an event. the name of the biz: LARGE MARGE. lol

    and this scarf/the way she wears it is fab!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Best name EVER! Is the Pres. of the company a former ghost trucker?


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    The last thing I need is another scarf, but I can never resist, especially when they’re as cute and comfy looking as the one that Kim’s wearing. Infinity scarves are becoming a new favorite.


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    As a New Hampshirerite I always think scarves are a good investment. I have a special section for them in a my closet. My theory is the bigger, the more it covers and the warmer you will be.


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    A girl can never have too many scarves right? Oh my collection is really out of control but I don’t have an infinity scarf. How fun to go to Mountain retreat over Thanksgiving. I bet it will be so nice and relaxing.


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    I’m weird about scarves. They have to be very minimal or I end up taking them off. I just learned to crochet (yay!) and I made a little cotton scarflette that is just about perfect. I wore it last week even though it wasn’t cold at all. ;-)


  6. says

    Was this timed with her divorce announcement? The Internet is abuzz with searches for Kim K. You’re one smart cookie! ;)


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Hee hee hee. Ok, I did just happen to come across this pic when I was searching for infinity scarves. Hopefully the people that were searching for Kim K weren’t mad when they saw I was only talking about a scarf. Ha!


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