Freshly Picked Rosebud: Ivory Inklings

It’s Friday, THANK GOODNESS!  What an insane week it’s been.  Life is so busy leading up to Thanksgiving and then I love how everything just halts for a while and we get to kick back, relax and eat!  Unless you are a Black Friday shopper and then it is ON, ha!

Today I’m pumped to share Ivory Inklings as the Freshly Picked Rosebud of the Week. Blogger Alex is adorable and I love her fun pursuit of all things beautiful and fabulous.  I definitely feel inspired when I visit her!  Check out some of her most recent musings and finds…something tells me you might just feel inspired too!

How gorgeous are these heels dripping with paint?!
These spiked pink loafers are totally fierce.  The would definitely make a statement!
Of course you know with my love for cats (yes I’m a fan of this You Tube video), I had to get this great cat shot in. What a beautiful animal!

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