Black Friday Wish List and a Giveaway Winner

Black Friday Wish List

In addition to tomorrow’s turkey fest, I’m getting ready to dive into Black Friday.  No, at 9 months pregnant I’m not planning in waiting in massive lines at 3am.  Needing to take bathroom breaks alone would kill my spot in line. Rather I am just going to be organized and fight the crowds one waddle at a time. Our list is pretty focused at this point. I’d love to score some great holiday decorations so that my house looks more like the Martha Stewart scene above and less like disorganized chaos. Our TV also literally died two nights ago.  It was a sad night and we need a replacement stat!  And last, perhaps if the sale is right, a little fun bauble as a treat?  We shall see.  What’s on your Black Friday wish list?  Anyone going out and waiting in line?!  Do tell!

ps – We also have a giveaway winner announcement for the Babybonkie swaddle blanket.  It’s Kristi Miller!  Congrats and email us your details to claim your prize!

Megan Yarmuth



  1. says

    Yes! I love Black Friday shopping. =) I’ll probably hit Target for a few deals and also Kohls for some clothes for the kids. And then I may run into Old Navy to look for some matching pj pants. Every year, we all wear a different pair of matching pj pants on Christmas day. =)


  2. says

    I can’t believe that you are braving the crowd 9 months GO girl:)
    Getting SO excited for you…I can’t believe your lil bundle of joy is almost here…how exciting:)
    What an amazing holiday season you will much to be thankful for, no?
    Bummer about the TV….If I couldn’t watch my real housewives I would be one big b*tch.


  3. says

    Happy Thanksgiving Megan to you and all of your’ s and Kristin’s family and friends.
    Hope that you both have a lovely day of togetherness and being with loved ones.
    …..and wishing you the most beautiful baby when he/she comes into the world !
    Much love to you both . XXXX


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