Obsession: Open Cardies

So, I’m continuing on with my sweater love fest as it’s deliciously cool again today here in Tampa. You have no idea how excited I am to be able to actually throw on jeans and a cardi without the fear of being too HOT!

I can think of endless options for this Modcloth beauty…Can’t you? I’m clearly obsessed with open cardies right now. It’s kind of ridiculous. I mean how many sweaters can one Florida girl possibly need? Well…I DO travel up north every winter. That justifies a few more purchases right?

modcloth globetrotting in grey coat

Modcloth Globetrotting in Grey Coat



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    That is why I love being English….we have four definite seasons and in the Autumn and Winter, I know that I can get my lovely jackets, coats and boots out to wear….and, of course, cardigans. This is my favourite time of year for fashion. I’m not so keen on Summer clothes, but that probably because I’m SO much older than you two and don’t want to show too much of the flesh that is heading south !! haha
    That is a gorgeous grey coat and if it wasn’t for the fact that I have so many already, I would buy it.
    Happy weekend to you both and I hope that the mum-in-waiting Megan is blooming. XXXX


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    I have such an obsession with cardis, it could be considered clinical! Like, my friends are going to have me locked in the loony bin if I buy just one more!! I can somewhat justify how many I have by where I live. Just move to northern Indiana with me if you want to wear them every day!


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    Hey thanks for checking out my blog :) Ahh I love ModCloth too, and I’m obsessed with cardigans XD I wish I had the fear of being too hot, it doesn’t happen too often here in the UK! xoxo



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