Michael Kors Knows What Time it Is!

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What time is it? When I’m asked that question I always pull out my iPhone as I’m simply not much of a watch girl. This little Michael Kors beauty just might change my mind however. I started to warm up to watches with the rubber and rose gold hued Michael Kors numbers that have blown up the past couple of years.

michael kors ladies horn and gold runway

And I find this horn looking timepiece even more appealing! What a great neutral! What do you think lovelies? Is a Michael Kors watch on your wish list?



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    Ok, I’m obsessed with MK watches in general…the bigger the better. But this is the first I’m seeing in this neutral color. It’s gorgeous! I was eyeing the tortoise shell one for almost a year but I finally ended up buying a very similiar (almost identical) one by Anne Klein…on sale from Macys for $50!


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    LOVE it! That’s the exact one I want, but just can’t justify the price. A girl I know on our island was able to buy a tortoise MK for $135.


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    Love that watch! :) I’ve been seeing these everywhere. I’m usually not big on lots of fashion jewelry (probably because I just really don’t know how to accessorize…), but I’m thinking that I may need to add one of these to my wardrobe, just in time for fall! :)


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    I love watches and this one is a beauty. I can’t believe people are choosing not to wear watches, saying that their cellphone is enough ’cause it tells time.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    I’m one of those people. Ha! I’ve just never been into watches. But I may be changing my opinion! : )



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