Champagne Saturday: Baby Shower Bliss

Champagne Saturday: Baby Shower

It’s official.  I’m clearly one of the luckiest girls in the world.  Last weekend I received the most lovely baby shower from my Mom (that’s her above) and dear friends Ashley and Kate.   It was such a sweet event and I was utterly flabbergasted by the generosity and love that came our way.  This little guy already has it so good and he’s not even here yet!

As you can see in these final weeks my face and cheeks have become super round.  It’s funny to see pics of me like this, but I’m heeding Kristin’s advice and owning it for the camera.  After all, several months from now when I’m back to my semi-normal bod it will be fun to look back and giggle at just how squirrel like they are.  Seriously, they will one day go back right?!…

Here’s wishing all a great Champagne Saturday and Fall weekend!  Cheers!

What I’m Wearing: Motherhood Maternity dress from Macy’s and Cole Haan patent wedges.

Megan Yarmuth


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    Aw! Megan, You and your mom look so beautiful! & ” the final weeks of pregnancy”… you look absolutely awesome and especially your legs! Congratulations on your sweet baby boy! How exciting and fun it will be when he makes his grand entrance :o) yay for grandbabies!!! (Our daughter is expecting her first (thus…our first grandbaby :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    Been out of the loop with my blog visits…but saw your post on my dashboard, so had to stop and say hello :o)
    I had posted announcing the news of our daughter’s pregnancy here:
    V is for Very…


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @Maria@PersonalizedSketches, Thanks Maria, and huge congrats on being a new grandma! So fun!


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    You are looking great, but I know how you feel. I look at myself in pictures right now and feel soooo round, and I am not due until January. I hope you had a fantastic shower! I had one last weekend too and my family has absolutely spoiled this child already. :-)


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    Awww you look adorable & the shoes looked so comfy I wore a 2″ heel for my shower too. My feet wear so swollen by the end of the night that I ended up wearing my husbands shoes lol.


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