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Are you longing for a Birkin bag? Aren’t we all? Why not satisfy your craving and, at the same time, show just how much you can laugh at yourself by carrying one of these bad boys?

Until the glorious day comes that I can convince the hubs that a Birkin bag really IS a good investment, I’m kind of loving the idea of showcasing my lust object on a canvas tote. These bags have been floating around for a while now and I think I’m finally sold on scoring one. Am I alone?

thursday friday together bag




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    Haha, I actually visited a showroom about a year ago – with these bags, and the people I was with thought this was the most ridiculous idea ever. But it seems like a lot of people like it!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    I felt that way at first too…but the cheesiness of it makes me laugh now and i find it rather charming!


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    Very cute and much more affordable, although I haven’t given up the dream of owning a Birkin one day (fingers crossed one of the children get a scholarship to college may be my only shot at this point).


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    A post on Banane Taipei Birkin bags posted on my page
    I first learnt about Banane Taipei ( from an Italian blogger/editor I met in Milan. Made in Taipei, Taiwan, Banane Taipei launched in Spring 2011 which signature eco-friendly Birkin Bags may mislead you into thinking that they’re from Hermès at first glance. It’s believed that legal action will be taken against Banane Taipei for violating copyright, but hey wait, let’s look at it from another angle. First of all, it’s just a gimmick. They humorized the Hermès logo to make their customers smile. Hermès Birkin Bags are expensive; Banane Taipei Birkin Bags are a low-end version for the mass. Banane Taipei’s designers are in fact the wisest entrepreneurs. What do you say?


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    I think this is really funny, but I would rather save my money for a bag that looks good and holds up well, even if it isn’t a Birkin. That’s what style is to me–using what you can afford to look the best that you can. I’m not saying I’m a great example of this, but I’m working on it!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    That’s always great advice!


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