A Balanced Life

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I’m so excited to be writing about smart thinking lifestyle tips today! As an uber busy work at home mama, any little tips that I can use to help my life run a little more seamlessly is A-ok with me! The most important thing in my life right now is being able to achieve balance. Being able to balance quality time with my family and working on our business is of an utmost priority to me. Along the way I’ve learned that while at times the perfect balance isn’t always achievable, doing my best at giving my all to both parts of my life is the most I can expect from myself!

the dude

You might wonder how I get work done with the dude running around. Well, I try to be productive during his naptime, when he takes one that is, and after he goes to bed! I might get to the point where I need to bring in some help, but right now being able to spend the amount of time that I do with my little man is totally worth losing a few hours of sleep! If I do need to work during the day while he’s up, I’ll give him an activity that makes him feel like he’s working with me. Inclusion is the name of the game when it comes to kiddos. If they feel like they’re being included, you’ll see a lot less pouting!

kristin and the hubs

As far as the hubs goes, we always try to eat dinner together, even if it’s just takeout. Sitting down in the evening and chatting about our days with each other is so important to our relationship. We also have our tv time in the evening after the dude goes to sleep. We can’t live without our shows! It’s sad, but true. At least it’s an addiction we share with each other. Haha!  We don’t get out for as many date nights as we used to, but making sure we get out for some alone time every once and a while keeps us sane and connected! Our little romantic escape to Costa Rica last month was rejuvenating!

And the final component to achieving a more balanced life for me is alleviating stress. Exercise plays a big role in that for me! Sweating it out for a an hour as many days a week as I can fit it in or even just doing some yoga does wonders to keep those little stress monsters at bay!

So, they’re you have it folks…That’s how I attempt to achieve balance in my life! I would love to hear tips on how y’all do it!

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    Oh the many hats we wear! :) Making time for everyone and everyTHING you love in life is so important. I work in a corporate office but I love coming home and having dinner with my family. We even make me going to the gym a family event – we all go. My kids enjoy playing in the kids area while my husband works out on the floor and I go to my Group Power class.


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    What a lovely photo of you and your hubbie!!!
    I totally know what you mean. I have organized a co-office for my boys next to my computer during this half-term holiday.
    (My boys are 5 and 3).
    So glad you get to work out so much!!!


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    I think any smart woman does the same thing you do—spend time with the kiddo while they are up and active and take care of business when they are napping…or in bed for the night. We have our shows and we always have dinner together. We also like to have Sunday night dinner with our single friends so we live vicariously through their weekend adventures. Keep it up! xoxo


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    I totally agree! Balance is key for working mamas! I work outside of the home, but I try to stay balanced by making the most of the evenings and weekends with my sweet family. That and QT with the Hubs, to keep him feeling special. =) Great post!


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    Great post, Kristin! I love that you are able to be at home with your little dude. He is growing SO fast! Wow…what a little handsome guy you have. I totally can relate to the balance thing, although I don’t have a business at home…just Maximus and the hubby to take care of, but that can be exhausting too. I wish I could get more done during the day, but I need my sleep, so oftentimes if we are home, I will nap when M naps. I guess if he slept through the night I wouldn’t need that extra rest. LOL…Also, I totally agree with the including kids in activities…even from a young, young, baby, Maximus always did better when he felt involved and with the two of us. :)

    Hope you have a great week…thanks for the fun post!


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    Any tips are good tips! Balancing life between a busy freelance business and 2 boys, (6 and 9) is super hard! And then it’s hard keeping the romance with the hubby!
    I need to get more exercise, and I still havent tried yoga! Need to badly!


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    I didn’t know you worked from home….so bonbonrosegirls is your full time job? SWEET… Your son is adorable and Mr. Kristin seems like an awesome guy…yes I know it is cheesy but I have no idea what my blog friend’s husband’s names are so it is Mr. your name… ;)


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    That and some freelance gigs. : ) And thank you!


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    You have such an adorable son! I exercise too 3-5X a week in the morning to feel refreshed and ready for the day. I don’t have any kids so we (me and my boyfriend) do get more time together but I am often busy with my full time job, internship, and blog. I try to dedicate one day a week to just hanging out with my boyfriend! :)


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    great post! it’s an ongoing challenge to balance it all. we always eat dinner together, too. the only thing i hate is sometimes the late night working when i rather spend the time with my husband.


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    aaah…the holy grail of motherhood…how to find time to do everything? this is such a great post. Achieving a balance is so difficult. It’s something that I’m trying to learn to do every day and I’m always wondering how other people always seem to be so together! I guess it’s a process like anything else. Dinner with the husband is so key! It’s like our catch-up time and we really look forward to it! I also try to make use of her nap times to work or get things done around the house. I do have help a few days a week but on those days I end up doing basic things that work best when I’m alone like food shopping, cleaning, dry cleaners, etc…either way, somehow it works. I try to enjoy my time with the baby as much as I can and then the time to myself as much as I can too. It’s not really a science but it helps to know that I’m not alone in it since every mother I know seems to go through the same thing.


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    I can’t help giggling over Le Dude and his adorable t-shirt & curly hair. I can’t imagine how difficult it is to juggle all of those responsibilities, but you clearly are doing it with grace, humor & love. God bless!


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