Spruce Up Your Space & Your Fall Wardrobe

Are you like me and when fall hits, you feel the need to not only update your wardrobe, but also your home? If that sounds like you, our Freshly Picked Rosebud, Lili and Mae, has you covered! A former attorney turned expat, the lovely lady behind this blog has impeccable taste when it comes to all aspects of living a stylish life…That’s something we definitely relate to as that is just what we try to give you here at BonBon Rose Girls!

fall fashion

fall decor

So, if fashion, decor and more inspires you, and I’m guessing it does since you’re reading this post,  head on over and say hello to our fabulous featured Rosebud!

And for a great fall boots roundup, check out to Momtrends!




  1. says

    Seriously I DIE over those orange flats…they are divine!!!

    and yes Commando’s are better than Hanky Panky..at least for underneath tight fitting clothing..there is no lace on commando’s so there is no chance of the ripples/fabric showing through.


  2. says

    I sadly am one of those who needs to update both her wardrobe and home for Fall, especially my home office! I love orange for the home, I’ve been thinking for awhile painting my living room navy and throwing in burnt orange and silver accents.


  3. says

    This post is definitely inspiring me to update my wardrobe beyond the blacks and grays that are taking over my autumn section of my closet. Love the shoes and the bag! Hope you two have an awesome weekend :)


  4. says

    so I need the Gucci flats and that fabulous orange chair to go please!!

    P.S. Shop Frankie’s is almost here…about 3 1/2 more weeks! Yahoooo!


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