Project Runway Eliminated Designer Interview

So, those of you that watched last week’s Project Runway episode know who I got to speak with on Friday. If you haven’t watched it yet, go hit up your DVR and come back and read my interview!

project runway eliminated designer bryce

Bryce was the latest designer to be ousted from Project Runway and he, for one, was not surprised that Heidi called his name when it came time to announce who was going home. In his words, ” I was homesick and I couldn’t focus. The uncertainty really showed in my design. I didn’t really know what to do, so I put everything in there.”

project runway episode 8 losing design

project runway episode 8 judges

Unfortunately, the pressure of the show and the absence of his support system back home got to Bryce and ultimately contributed to him being eliminated. When asked if he agreed with the judges’ decision to eliminate him and their critique of his design he said that, “I agree in a lot of ways. It was over designed. The fit wasn’t good because I scrapped it last minute and had no more fittings with my client. There are a million reasons why the dress was unsuccessful, but those are the main two reasons. It really was a series of mistakes. The garment just had too many bells and whistles.”

viktor's project runway episode 8 design

As for his thoughts on the winning design, he “felt like Viktor really nailed it,” versus Josh  who “edited down too much. You don’t really have a sense of Josh in that garment.” I’m going to have to go with Bryce on this one. Viktor clearly designed for his client and I think he captured her essence to a T!

joshua m's design project runway episode 8

I was so impressed with how well spoken and humble Bryce was. When I asked him whether being able to show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week took the sting out of going home, he responded with, “It was a dream come true. Being at Lincoln Center was so surreal. It was nice to show the public what it is that I’m about.”

Until next time lovelies…Make sure to pop on over to Lifetime Moms to read my episode recap!



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    Viktor and Josh were my faves this week and I’m with Jaime, I loved his LBD especially the back. I felt that these 2 really listened to what their clients wanted and the looks they chose for them suited them very well. I think this elimination was accurate I was not impressed with Bryces look or the color. This week was much better than last, all of the prints they used (I mean both teams) made me dizzy and gave me a headache.

    Anyway, thank you so much Kristin for accepting me as a Rosebud:)



  2. says

    I read Kristina’s recap of your conference, sounds like an amazing time and you met Tim Gunn ta’boot! Bryce seemed like such a nice and talented designer who just wasn’t cut out for the competitive nature of the show. Really loved Viktor’s this week, the colors and fit were impeccable!


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    I love your recaps and coverage of Project Runway..for some reason i watch it sometimes and then some weeks I just forget. I need to do a better job of DVR’ing the shows I want to watch. And seriously did you post on Twitter that you are having coffee at 10pm. How do you do that? I am about to go to sleep!!!!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @STYLE’N, I wish I was about to go to sleep! Ha!


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    I liked Victor’s look the best. Josh in my opinion created a dress I could see anywhere sold at a dept. store.
    I can’t wait to the finale!


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:



  5. says

    I really like Bryce, though I was never a fan of any of his designs. I think he barely it made it that far…he was constantly at the bottom. Those I like Josh’s LBD, I loved Viktor’s look the best! Sometimes, I think the judges just pick a winner to keep things even across the board, not necessarily who did the best job that week.


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