Project Runway Designer Interview: Episode 6

project runway episode six

Welcome to our interview with the Project Runway, Episode 6 eliminated designer!

For the second time, I had the pleasure of interviewing Joshua C. last week as he was once again eliminated from the competition. I enjoyed chatting with him this time as much as I did the first time around, if not more. His observations about the show and his role on it seem dead on in my opinion.

project runway episode six

When asked if there was anything he could have done to impress the judges with this challenge, he responded that in his mind it was more personal for the judges than anything to do with design. He really focused on the quality and construction of his looks, whereas he doesn’t think all of the other designers made it their priority.

project runway episode six

project runway episode 6

His words were, “I knew they were going to find a way to get rid of me again. They didn’t want anything to do with me.”

Despite this seemingly negative aspect to the competition, he does feel like he walked away with lasting friendships. He still talks regularly to several of the designers and he hopes to see Viktor go all the way.  He said, “Viktor is really talented and a friend, so I’m definitely throwing a lot of support his way!”

project runway episode six

As far as the winning and losing looks of the night go, he found Anthony Ryan’s dress to be poorly constructed and just plain “terrible.” He referred to Bert’s jumpsuit as, “just so awkward, it was goofy. It didn’t really give off any emotion.”

project runway episode 6

It was sad to see Joshua C.’s time on Project Runway come to an end once again, I hope we get to see more of him in the future! Head on over to Lifetime Moms to read my episode 6 recap!



  1. says

    I live in the Netherlands (Europe) and we don’t have the latest episodes aired.. I’m so excited that you let us know how the competition is going..

    I’m not sure if I’ve said this to you, but I can’t say this enough.. As you might know (or not), I haven’t been blogging for a while due the holidays and some other things I had going on, but to thank you for sticking up with me and for taking the time to comment on my post and for stopping by in general, I really appreciate it!!

    I’m not sure if I’ve recieved an e-mail of you, but if I have.. I want to let you know that I’ve received tons of emails (thank you!) and if you have emailed me, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible, I haven’t forgotten about you! So don’t worry!

    I’d love to hear from you again!


    Rock ‘n Style


  2. says

    I wasn’t a fan of Joshua C’s look, but I don’t think that Anthony look was the best one either. At the end of the day, Project Runway is a show. The judges and producers will always switch up the winners. Otherwise, it would get boring for the viewers to have the same front-runners each and every time.


  3. says

    The worst in my opinion was Berts….what was he thinking? That was one horrible design…lol. That is pretty sad that Joshua was voted off twice. I am sure he felt pretty bad as he indicated.


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