Plank, A Yoga Mat Dream

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of yoga.  While, I wouldn’t go quite as far as to call myself a “yogi”, in addition to a good strong martini, my regular yoga class is one of the things I miss most about non-pregnant life.  It was really challenging and I loved pushing myself even harder each week.  Now that I’m well into pregnancy, I’ve found that even prenatal yoga is fun and can really help relieve some of the back pain that comes along with carrying the lil’ guy front and center.  Plus, without that good strong martini something needs to help destress me after a long day at work, ha!

So, needless to say, when Plank asked if I would review one of their yoga mats I immediately said, YES!  I was thrilled when it arrived, and while the “spilled pills on the bathroom floor,” motif may at first glance be unusual, I think it’s quirky and kind of hilarious.  Plus, it’s much more eye catching than the standard pink or blue mat.  I mean, if that design doesn’t strike up a conversation in the prenatal yoga class, I don’t know what will!

After giving the mat a thorough test drive, I’m even more in lurve.  It’s got both great length for all those downward facing dogs, and a strong grip that works on both carpet and harder surfaces.  For me this is really important since I like to go both to classes, as well as squeeze in a few minutes at home (BTW did you know you can find free classes on You Tube?  Perfect for traveling or squeezing in ten minutes here and there!).  Overall I would rate Plank’s yoga mat highly, especially if you like quality products with unique design.  It truly blows away my poor ol’ mat from Target.  You can check out all of Plank’s offerings here!

Disclosure: We were provided with a mat for purposes of this review, but the opinions expressed are our own.



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    wow! a mat like that would be a great conversation opener!!
    I have a mat by Nike and after 2,5 years it started chipping off a bit.
    I’m thinking of getting a new better one, but I’m not sure yet!


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    Ha, too funny! I don’t know if I would want to be known as the pillhead” in my yoga class…but it is a great conversation starter, I suppose.

    I have heard amazing things about yoga while preggers, my best friend SWORE by it. I personally just walked and walked and walked…maybe yoga would have been more fun. Always next time, right?
    Happy weekend to you.


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    that mat is really cute! i’m glad to hear you found a way to help relieve some of your pain of course without having the alcohol, maybe you should continue yoga after your baby comes, it will certainly help with stretching!


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    Megan wow, wow, wow…
    What a way to pick me up after having a bitch moan about my day. You made my day!!!
    First, you look great and congratulations and secondly you look fab on m’mat.
    Thank you for the great review, the honesty and the laughs.
    You are correct, I definitely do want to strike up a different conversation about what yoga should look like and what it can be, so I loved that it is doing what it was designed to do, create smiles and conversation starters in class.
    And of course being a product designer by chromosomes, the mat not only had to look goo,d it had to function, so yes, grip is a priority. Even though it does have a smooth finish, its grip is activated by the heat and pressure from your hands and feet. I wear-tested m’mats in the combat zone for perspiration, a hot powered Baptiste Flow class and they get me 2/3 of the class before I need to lay down a towel…

    Good luck with the pregnancy, if you like to do yoga at home and for it to feel like a real classroom, you may or may not know, I’m always pimping @yogaglo on my fanpage… the well heeled guru, they have tonnes of classes for pregnancy, post, pre and anything in between… buzz me, I’ll give you the lo’ down, which is a lil’ different that other folk’s downs…

    Thanks again,


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    I have never been able to get into yoga, though I’ve tried a few different times. You look so zen, I am (almost) tempted to try it again.

    What I AM into is how lovely your living room is. Gorgeous and simple, but lush and warm. I love it.


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    I love yoga, would call myself a yogi but have missed it so much with this stupid elbow injury i have
    that mat is adorbs!!!
    i use a manduka mat which can be very slippery in the beginning
    how was this mat???


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    I have heard about their mats. I really need to give it a try! And I agree-when I was pregnant I missed my regular yoga classes but I quickly got into prenatal and enjoyed the calm 1 hr to myself. Looking great Meghan!


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    OMG I LOVE that mat! Awesome!

    PS I thought this was going to be a discussion of how the plank exercise does not work while preggers. Glad you can still enjoy yoga, if not martinis =)


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @Mary @ stylefyles, Too funny! I can’t even imagine attempting a Plank right now. I think it would be more of a “belly grazer”!


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    Hiya Megan!!

    Tell me about it… I’ve been so darn lazy since I got pregnant and while i’d like to believe I haven’t gain toooo much excessive weight. I do know I could have been so much more active and healthier…

    Lol, as for the yoga mat, it made be crack. Yoga with a sense of Humour :)) thats a first for me.




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