Nursery Chair Dilemma

Dear lovelies, I need your advice.  As I’ve been working away diligently on putting the nursery together I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall.  I can’t decide what to do about the chair in the room.  I’ve always adored the large gliding chair that just seem to invite you in for a good book and cuddle.  However, mama has some expensive taste.  In particular I love the Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Small Square Arm Glider pictured below.  But comfort like that doesn’t come free.  In fact it retails at $819 and that’s with the most basic fabric and no ottoman.  Wowsers!

For the exact same price I could go with a classic white rocking chair ($134), along with all of these other nursery amenities to round out the room.

So, tell me darlings, what would you do?  Would you get the comfy chair of your dreams or choose a more budget friendly option so you could finish out the room with a bang.  Does anyone have a big chair or a rocker in their nursery’s and if so how did that work out?  And let’s not forget about option C.  Get the rocker and spend the rest on fab shoes, Jimmy Choo anyone?!

Megan Yarmuth

Source list for the items above: Rocking chair, Etsy Artwork, Owl night light, Skip Hop Nursery bedding, 8×10 Gray rug, White shelf, Canvas storage buckets


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    I wanted to splurge on the exact same chair and ottoman and I ended up getting a glider and ottoman from Babies R Us that was smaller and not as comfortable (but cushioned). It was definitely not lovely.
    That chair and ottoman will be worth every penny…especially if you are nursing. Just be sure the ottoman glides as well. You really will need your feet up.
    If it helps, BabiesRUs has some options that are bigger and upholstered…still not as lovely as the one in Pottery Barn, but a cheaper 2nd. I wish I had gone with that one.


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    As I am currently working on my nursery, here is my take: You are going to spend a lot of time in that rocker. While pretty, a standard white rocker does not offer a lot of comfort. I would (and am planning to) still get a glider, just not that particular pottery barn glider, there are many more affordable but still comfortable options. In the end, saving your back is going to be more important than how many other nursery accessories you can buy. And you can always just register for the rest, maybe you’ll end up getting them anyway. :-)


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    @Somer, Congrats!!


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    I actually wanted the classic wooden rocker in our nursery, but then I started sitting in them and changed my mind in a hurry. I ended up with a glider that was soft and cozy for feeding time, reading time, and just rocking my baby girl and snuggling time. I didn’t pay a ton ($400 for chair and ottoman) but love love love my decision.

    So…I say get the most comfortable chair because you do end up spending a lot of time in them.


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    I would get the comfy chair. OR I would finish out the room with a few things and then see how you feel. BuyBuyBaby I think might have cheaper options. We didn’t have room for a glider, but it would have been nice to have one, and when you are that exhausted you want something comfortable. The wood just looks uncomfortable.


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    Go to a baby store and order one. They’ll have a lot of special order color options and it will be a lot cheaper than PB. I think I paid about $650 for the glider and ottoman and it doesn’t look much different than that one.

    I personally LOVED my glider but I don’t have very large boobs and laying down in bed nursing never really worked for me. So, I slept in the glider. Every night for many years :)


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    i am facing the SAME dilemma as you!!! on one hand i think it’s silly to spend SO much money on a rocker/glider, but the only ones i’ve found that i liked are expensive!!!! the cheapo ones just don’t look as nice!!! i registered for this one although i don’t think anyone will buy it for me ( my thought is, it’s so trendy i can use it in another room after the baby is born so maybe it’s worth more money?? ;) although my husband still wouldn’t agree.. haha!!


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    Go with the comfy chair, even if you say you won’t do it you might fall asleep in the chair and the rocking chair would not be comfortable. I went with a rocking recliner b/c it was cheaper than the glider and my hubby always fell asleep while rocking our boys. Good luck!


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    splurge girl! we have the Luca glider and ottoman and it was WAY above our budget. But we decided to go with it bc it was beautiful and we knew we could keep it even after the days of using it to hold the baby to sleep. We sit on it every single day and I know it will be in her room forever. The fabric is gorgeous and the look is modern. plus, and this was major for those nights when I would fall asleep nursing or just fall asleep period…the ottoman glides too! in hindsight I would have spent less on the actual crib since there are so many options that are much more affordable out there. as long as you get a great mattress for the baby and the crib is approved and sturdy you’re good. the glider for me was a major thing and I’m so glad we chose to spend way up.

    as for decor and such, I would check out Made By Girl. She has such beautiful artwork and posters that are perfect for a baby’s room. We have the Love print but she also has personalized posters. We also have some Sharon Montrose animal prints in Lucia’s room that look lovely. And we are huge fans of wall decals! I forget where we got hers but it’s a beautiful tree with flying birds.

    have fun with it! yay:))) xx


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    I think you can find a very similar chair for a much more reasonable price. Keep searching! The rocking chair is nice, but I’m not sure how comfortable it would be, especially for those late nights :)


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    I was obsessing over a rocker but they are so expensive. I ended up getting a rocker/ recliner at a furniture store for like $300! It can go in the family room if I wanted to take it out. My plan was to sit in it while nursing or pumping… that did not happen. I barely used it! So get the wood rocker. Save your money!

    BTW, Ikea has som cute rocker option if that is your style.


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    I would try to find an in between because I can say first-hand that you do spend a lot of time in that seat. That rocking chair is cute but will not be cozy for all nighters! Question: where did you find those CUTE bright-colored alphabet and numbers?? Etsy??


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    I would definitely go with an upholstered option. I am expecting my second child in December and we lived in our glider with our son. I gave it to my sister and am now needing another for the new bambino and not willing to spend a ton. Another option I have found is purchasing a relatively inexpensive upholstered chair and converting it into a glider. You can buy the hardware and do it yourself. You just have to make sure that the chair is not too large. And then when baby is older you can put the legs back on and use elsewhere in your home if you wanted. Good luck. I am sure your nursery will be lovely!!!


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    I have a definite opinion about this. Comfort. I could have sat all day feeding Sam in the chair I had when she was a baby. It was oversized and very comfy. Your arm is gonna hurt if you get the wooden rocker.


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    Hmm, that’s a tough decision. I’ve always thought of furniture as investment pieces. If you think you’ll use that glider (possibly recovered later) in another room or maybe for a another bambino then go for it. $815 really isn’t that bad for a quality piece. Also, have you tried the Pottery Barn outlets? You’d be amazed what you can score there on the cheap!


  15. Heather says

    I would DEF say go with the comfy one! I ended up getting one that reclined and was a bit more “grandpa” looking then I would typically go for BUT I spent many a night asleep in the comfy rocker/recliner with my sweet baby boy on my chest and I haven’t regretted it at all. You should totally go for comfort without a single shadow of a doubt!


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    Haha, I like the shoes idea! Just kidding. Being the bargain shopper I am, I’d probably go for the regular rocker. But maybe you can find a more affordable version of the Pottery Barn one, then it would be win-win!


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    I was a non-believer about the importance of a comfy chair. I don’t know what I had in mind as far as where I’d be breastfeeding. I am a new mom, 1 wk into the task and I have to vote for comfy chair if you’re going to bf. You want something you can stick pillows in and around for comfort. I turned down a rocking chair offer and don’t regret it. I knew the rocking would be nice, but not the hard wood. I vote for the PB or a version of it.


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    honestly, i’m thrifty so i’d prolly look online or ask around to friends for a chair and then get all those extra goodies. i dunno that the wooden rocker is all that comfy for nursing. honestly, i nursed in my bed or on the couch. i did have a rocking chair (the same one i was nursed in) and it really wasn’t very comfy. then i inherited a glider from a family member and while it was comfy, i still found myself nursing on the couch. or sometimes i’d even walk around and nurse. haha. it just depends on what you like. i had a mom friend who just got an old lounger chair, you know the leather ones that guys like. she would nurse in that and often fall asleep. that sounded pretty cool!


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    There must be another option that isn’t $800 or a wooden rocker (which I personally can’t stand to sit in for more than 10 minutes). Maybe a consignment shop or somone on craigslist has one that you can get reupholstered to go with your decor, so it will still be “new” and also save you money. I have big budget dreams, too, but I have a small pocketbook :)


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    i wanted that pottery barn chair, too, but it was just too much. i wouldn’t go with just a basic rocker, though. i ended up spending many a night nursing in my chair and dozing off myself when trying to get my son to sleep. so i’d go with an in between. i found a really nice rocker with cushions at babies r us (though it was 6 years ago) – it was a higher end model on clearance, so i scored a good deal. and make sure to get the ottoman!


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