Help Me Choose a Necklace for My Next Event

September has been one busy month pour moi! From Costa Rica, to New York and then the Blogger Brilliance conference, my dance card has been full. The fun’s not over yet though! Blogger Brilliance helped kick off Tampa Bay Fashion Week and this Friday is the big show!

I’ve decided to shop my closet and wear the Ann Taylor LBD that I rocked at Blogger Brilliance to the Tampa Bay Fashion Week show. I’m simply going to revamp the look by switching up my shoes and accessories!

I do believe that BaubleBar has come to the rescue once again. I’ve completely fallen in love with their Glam Collar! The only question is…should I go for the Violet Glam Collar or the Kelly Glam Collar? Decisions…decisions. What’s your vote lovelies?

baublebar violet glam collar

baublebar kelly glam collar



  1. says

    This is a tough one….personally, I’d select the green but from what I’ve seen in your outfit posts, I feel like the purple is more of your taste… It’ll look gorgeous with some pewter pumps :) Can’t wait to see what you’ll get!


  2. says

    Sounds like such an amazing month; wish I could go jetting around, too :) As for the accessory, they are both gorgeous but the kelly one just grabs my attention a wee bit more. I know you’ll look fabulous either way, though :)



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