Freshly Picked Rosebud: My Baking Heart

I’m so excited to introduce you all to today’s Freshly Picked Rosebud, My Baking Heart.  It’s no secret that I love food and cooking, and being pregnant has made it even a little more fun.  Sure, I don’t go crazy, but I have been known in recent weeks to go all out and grab a second cookie, or fight more aggressively for my well earned bites of a shared slice of peanut butter pie (Floyd you know who you are).

So, when I need some foodie inspiration My Baking Heart is definitely on my list of go-to’s.  In addition to fabulous recipes, Jessica’s food photography is amazing.  I mean, just look at that Italian Cream Cake!  Because I’m feeling the need for sweets, here are some of my favorite recent posts, but be sure to check her out since she has plenty of other great food recipes to offer!

Mango’s Italian Cream Cake

Golden Brioche Loaves

Classic Brownies

And make sure you check out the fashion advice from Miss Piggy over at Momtrends. This post is too cute for words!





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    I have been craving fruit and veg during my pregnancy and not really that fussed over sweet cakes etc, which is rather unusual for me. Having said that, the first cream cake looks totally incredible and very much something I could fancy right now. Thank you for sharing this site.


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