Color Crush: Navy

Navy black was all over Rachel Roy’s Spring 2012 collection and I must say that I loved what I saw! There is nothing quite like a deep navy hue paired with crisp white. There’s no reason to wait until spring to rock it however.

Update: Apparently it’s black all over Ms. Roy’s collection…not navy. Haha! It totally looks navy on my computer. Oh well, it’s still a gorgeous collection!

These Vince Camuto booties are completely fall/winter appropriate. I would love to see them paired with fuschia. The wheels in my head are turning y’all. I think these babies have loads of potential!

vince camuto jordy booty

via Footcandy

So, what spring collections have you been inspired by so far? And is navy going to make an appearance in your fall wardrobe?



  1. says

    Those booties are super cute! I already have one navy pair of heels and they are WAY underutilized, so I probably wouldn’t spring for a second navy pair (although, to be fair, I think the booties would be way easier to incorporate in a work wardrobe than open toe stilettos).


  2. says

    Great minds think alike! I can’t seem to stop buying navy blue pieces lately: trench coat, polka dot cardigan, lace top. I’m trying my best to avoid wearing head-to-toe navy but it’s hard when you also have dark wash jeans lol.

    One great thing about navy: it looks fantastic with leopard print accents like a heel or a bag.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    Why have I never thought to pair navy and leopard?? THANK YOU lady!


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    Oh these booties are beautiful! I’ll definitely be on the hunt for a similar pair this fall – navy is such a refreshing departure from the ever-present black!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!


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