Tropical Vacay Inspired

I know that for the last few weeks I’ve been torturing you summer lovers with loads of fall fashion themed posts. So, I decided to put aside my fall fashion obsession for a moment and show some appreciation for the last days of summer with today’s featured look!

In a couple of weeks, my bestie/blog partner and I are headed off to Costa Rica for a tropical getaway and this is just the sort of ensemble I would love to rock over there. Nothing screams resort wear more than a kaftan to me!

So, what do you think lovelies? Do kaftans make it on your tropical vacation wear must haves list?

tropical vacation look

Head over to my Polyvore set for all the outfit details!



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    I love the colors and the way you chose to accessorize. I am celebrating the last days of summer on the blog by wearing summer whites next week. Send me a pic of yours and I will post it!


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    Ummm what didn’t you just get back from the mountains? And now you are going to another trip??? NICE! Love the orange caftan dress, those are super comfortable and perfect for summer travel. Costa Rica is gorgeous :)


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    Oh yeah, I’m with the Heavenly Housewife on the tunic. Don’t have to worry so much about the chips and margs, and can still look chic. Beautiful color and the sunglasses are very stylish too. Have a blast!



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    This outfit really is cute and I absolutely love the shoes and accessories – they would match well with the bright orange!

    BTW, I’m having a giveaway on my blog and I would really love it if you entered!!!


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    I would totally wear that adorable caftan. Especially in Costa Rica! Two things:

    1.) They have bars in the middle of the jungle that only play Mariah Carey.

    2.) Maybe you will meet my brother. He will be there in a few weeks too for his honeymoon!



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