For Our Dear, Departed Friend

One year ago the blogging community lost one of its sweetest souls. Lisa, A.K.A. Bumpkin on a Swing, always had a kind word for everyone. I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of her encouragement on more than one occasion. I often reread her emails to me, grateful to have known her, even though it was for such a short moment in time.

Lisa’s dear friend, Trish of Pink Preppy Lilly Lover, organized a beautiful blog hop tribute. By visiting it, you will see just how much of an impact our lovely Bumpkin made!

I hope you feel the love that’s shooting straight up to heaven for you pretty lady. You will forever be rememebered!



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    How sad. It’s great that you all are celebrating your dear friend! I wish I would have known her when she was alive. She seems to have really made a huge impact on so many people.


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    I never knew her, but she seemed like such an amazing person. I read Trish’s blog posts on her behalf, and they were so beautiful. I really wish I had been able to have met such a wonderful person.


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    Oh so sad..I actually did not know her or visit her blog. But I have been reading about her story and it’s so sad. Crazy how quickly ovarian cancer strikes. Great tribute here and over at Trish’s blog.


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