My Travel Must Have

Yours truly is gearing up for two big trips in the next few weeks. Tomorrow I’m headed to the Appalachian Mountains and shortly after that I’m Costa Rica bound. Although I’m going to two very different locations, one piece of my travel wardrobe will remain constant. No matter where I go, an oversized wrap always accompanies me.

You may remember me telling you about my recent Sir Alistair Rai score. I can’t wait to break in my new wrap on my travels! And although I have quite a healthy wrap/scarf collection already, I’m forever on the lookout for more. I’ve always wanted a Love Quotes piece. Rachel Bilson has been seen all over the place in hers and we all know how I feel about her style!

Zappos has a plethora of fabulous hues to choose from…Which color Love Quotes scarf would you go for lovelies?

love quotes scarf

love quotes scarf

love quotes scarf

love quotes scarf



  1. says

    Oh my gosh, these are my must haves too! They go with everything and you can use them in so many ways, especially the wide ones! Skirt, bathingsuit cover up, shirt – it’s easy to start getting creative!! Love it. Which color is your fave?



  2. Jessica says

    While I would usually be attracted to the grey one, I can’t keep my eyes of the orange hue! I absolutely love it. I may have to purchase it for my trip to Italy next Spring.

    Enjoy your vacations!!


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