Let’s Play Pretend

I just love Restoration Hardware, in particular the location near my house which is set up like a “gallery” (their words, not mine) that allows you to walk through each room as they would appear in the catalog, without tons of product stocked on shelves.  Part of the reason I love going there is that it gives me a chance to play pretend.  See, I’m pretending that if I work really, reaaaalllly hard at it, this is what my house might one day look like.  Free of all clutter and dust bunnies and rather the perfect spot to read a book or sip champagne with friends.  Um yeah right. The reality check is that I have stacks of unread mags and laundry baskets of clothes in need of folding around every corner.  But hey, a little escape never hurt right?!

One thing that Restoration Hardware does so well is stick to a muted color palette.  And while personally I prefer more pops of color, each scene is so relaxing that I can’t help but be sucked in.  I mean how great does that claw foot tub look below?

And now for a reality check…

Megan Yarmuth


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    LOL…I’ve learned to EMBRACE the clutter and make it part of the decoration of the room. Your little captions are hilarious! I’d like to add the remnants of my broken bracelet to the bedside table (which has been there for about a month) and my box fan I need for white noise. Because large, cheap box fans are so chic!


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    LOL…I know the feeling! Restoration hardware is an amazing place, in Lincoln Park it is in a strip mall along with Z. Gallerie, Pottery Barn. I call it the “home decor row.” It’s always gorgeous and everything in there is just perfection!


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    haha I wish my house looked this good too! I think only in the movies and catalogs do houses look this good. I love the style of the pictures above. Very relaxing and it also has a little bit of vintage too :)


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    Love your captions – so true!

    While I like individual pieces from RH (esp. their lighting – divine!), I find that when it’s all put together it’s a bit too bland and monochromatic for my taste. Add a dash of color and it would be perfect!


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    I love Restoration Hardware – my mom is a Restoration Hardware/Pottery Barn whore, so my house is mostly done in those color schemes and with lots of furniture/accessories from the two! (Though we definitely have clutter/dust bunnies!). Loving all these pictures :)


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    Well, us people with actual lives don’t have perfect looking houses. It would be nice, but getting up at 5am to clean doesn’t sound like fun to me. I DO love these rooms though :)


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    hahaha! i’m loving the ‘no clutter under the bed’ and ‘i do declare!’
    we actually don’t have anything under our bed = it’s where our black Lab likes to sleep, so i decided early on that it would be a sort of hairy place and not a good place to store anything! which is why i’m debating about renting a storage unit …. really wish i had a basement!


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