Rachel Zoe and My Dream Bag

So, I am a self proclaimed Rachel Zoe addict. I can’t get enough of her style, her hijinks with her scarf lovin’ hubs and their reality show! Now that a baby has been thrown into the mix, I’m even more excited to see what new terminology she comes up with for things that delight her as that precious bambino surely does!

rachel zoe sophie shoulder bag

I, along with many of you I’m sure, couldn’t wait to get a look at her debut collection. Now that it’s available at my local Neiman Marcus, you can bet that I’m going to head over to International Plaza and check it out in person.

I’m already drooling over what I’ve seen online. The second I saw her gorgeous Sophie Shoulder Bag, I knew just what was going on my Christmas wish list. It’s never too early to start hinting to the hubs right? And that animal printed beauty is front and center on my list!

What are y’all loving from Ms. Zoe’s collection?



  1. says

    her “scarf lovin husband”?! lololol! thank you for that!

    when is that damn show coming back on? she is kind of insane, but i like watching hte show. even though it stresses me out. and i feel for her husband and his scarves and his 80′s surfer/mod hair. and i feel for that kid of theirs, although it will be dressed to the nines for life…until he rebels and buys cheap clothes at kmart. it might happen. it might.

    p.s. i would KILL a lot of people to get her jewelry collection. all of it. the whole kit and kaboodle.


    The BonBon Rose Girls Reply:

    All those vintage Chanel baubles…I DIE. Ha!


    gigiofca Reply:

    @drollgirl, – *lol*


  2. says

    I love RZ!! Can’t wait for the new season to start 9/6!

    That bag is awesome. I’d love to get a chance to touch and see her collection IRL. Although, it seems a bit out of my budget ;-) I’ll stick to her home shopping collection. Equally as cute ;-)


  3. says

    Lovely bag. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see any of the new shows yet so I haven’t seen the baby. Is he always fashionably dressed? Very funny the comment about her scarf lovin’ hubs. And drollgirl I would also Kill for her jewelry collection. I guess we would have to see who could get to it first. In which case, you win. I’m farther away.


  4. says

    The snake-embossed tote is awesome, too! I’ve been having an obsession with animal prints lately. (And by “obsession” I mean “bookmarking beautiful clothes and handbags that I can never afford but still love to look at.”)

    Gray Skies


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